Apology for the delays with Kickstarter campaign



Classic Pimax. One day we’ll look back and laugh.


Your Right. All please be patient Pimax as they said are working on it.

Instead of losing our heads over what is nothing. Obviously backers in the old spreadsheet are receiving headsets as that data was correct to what the team had when processing.

Due to information in hand not being accurate those backers on said spreadsheet have not been processed as of yet. With re verifying data via new & old surveys reinforced by your support tickets. If your headset is not there yet. It will likely arrive within the next 2 weeks. Empathesis on likely.

Things are moving forward. Let’s ourselves not move backwards by devolving into an unruly bunch.


I think the primary concern is that Pimax won’t have the correct choices for the people swapping from the 8k to the 5k+ and lock us in to the initial picks because of this survey fark up.


Yes, this is the concern. I have no problem to wait another month or two.
The problem is that they lock the headset decision and after that tell half of the backers that they didn’t answer the survey and send them what they originaly backed.

Posts like this are poison. This was posted after the fuckup!

Why don’t they just write something like:

“Sorry, we have problems here. Give us some days to sort out the date. We will make sure everybody gets the headset they wanted.”

But they don’t. They just go silent.

Perhaps you have more information than us. But patience is not the problem. (Okay, it is annoying that people with far higher backer number in the same country already recieved their headset, but I can handle that).

Just tell me I get the 5k+ instead the 8k like I chose in the survey.


This concern I can get behind. But not over folks that are receiving it before others due to survey data.

But we can still conduct ourselves reasonably given the circumstances.

@Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu. If due to spreadsheet Data being incorrect and folks receive the wrong headset; does the team have a plan to help backers exchange & receive correct headset?

Folks in same regional areas might be able to simply swap with one anothet similarily with @KraitPhantom had with forwarding wrong headset. But in this idea a fellow backers could swap with one another maybe & both contact support about switch with credit transfered to appropiate backer.


yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppp this about sums it up


My post after yours here should help as this seems to be more the root of folks concerns.

As for info. Truthfully I have no more info than what we all have seen posted.


Yes, even if it was written that i didn’t replied the survey yet, and despite the fact that people far after me get their headsets before me, i feel good because as heliosurge said, things are Moving on ! :slight_smile:


What worries me is if they did use the numbers on that spreadsheet then there are still 4000+ HMS to ship and they say that all backer HMD`s should be shipped before the end of this month, IF this is the case then the Pre orders will be delayed. OR the backers will have to wait even longer :unamused:


My replacement shipped from SHANGHAI CN, that mean if headset arrived to SH, your headset will be shipped after that day.

p.s. It look pimax busy so much for reply a lot of email because they ship the new replacement to me without reply my early question, but no problem for me while I decide to replace by the same 5k+.

I am guessing that a lot of people will get the original choice of headset since kickstarter.


wow. to think that I’d have my pimax now if iwould have clicked the right link. Damn


it’s even more confusing when they’ve been full stop producing headsets like the 5k+, yet this spreadsheet claimed that they hadn’t gotten a response from half the backers, but still went full steam ahead without mentioning it till after production.
That just doesn’t seem right, there’s no way they can promise people they’ll get theirs if they don’t even know what they want but just assume.


its a pretty mighty kick in the nuts. XD


Agree, glad to see I’m not alone on this.:+1:


and not bothered to check or email early backers


And of course he posts that in a completely unrelated thread instead of here where everyone is waiting for an answer…

Well at least this wasn’t posted on facebook.


Completely agree too.

Trying to patch this by reassembling puzzle pieces they would get from here and there would be highly unreliable.

The survey should be redone from scratch using a solid and reliable method.


I am looking forward to the cluster #)($)( that will unfold with the add on purchases.

I am in the 49xx range and filled out every survey. As many others mentioned the spreadsheet shown as information not received for my backer number.

I added the 10 M cables and lighthouses at funding time.

Want to bet that they have no idea of the number of "extra’ products they have to ship?

Add the stretch goals and this whole shipping issue is looking pretty grim…

It appears that there is no real CRM system in place to manage this project. Survey Monkey is not what I would use for any customer shipping information.


Old spreadsheet & data not received correctly. Wish ppl would read all posts instead of just jumping.


to be fair. 606 posts.