Apology for the delays with Kickstarter campaign



I wonder if PiMax recognises the irony of posting this apology and talking about improving communication and then makes this whopper of an error and then disappears?


Yep, it’s pretty ridiculous. They posted a public apology thread and PINNED it, with a spreadsheet of data that was seemingly wrong but apparently turned out to be correct, and then unpinned the thread, deleted the spreadsheet link and have been stonewalling the community for information since it happened.


We’ve been waiting a year and suddenly Pimax can’t delay shipping? If I was them I would stop until this confusion is sorted out.


Well, you know, past behaviour…future behaviour and all that.
I’ve brought it up a lot but people are convinced he didn’t mean to hit me, he loves me, he won’t hit me next time.


Yep, this pretty much sums it up.

Not surprised that despite the Pre-CES dog & pony show (“Look at us! We have our shit togeher now!”), nothing in their company culture has actually changed. Right back to square one. :frowning_face:


Yeah but you know how the public is.


Can someone tell me how to open a ticket?.Thanks


klick on “support” in the banner above


I know the spreadsheet is outdated. You missed the point of my message.

I am voicing my frustration at the basic product fulfillment issues that PiMax, an ESTABLISHED consumer manufacturer of the 4K, is unable to keep track of something as simple as a basic customer fulfillment list. I’ve built and written CRM systems like this as well as installed OTS systems for clients with 100k’s of customers. It is not that hard, and should be instant to publish a list internally. I will cut them slack on world wide delivery since that is a bit more logistically tough.

Again, using SurveyMonkey instead of something built into most CRM systems for customer shipping / ordering is also glaringly incompetent for an existing manufacturing concern. SM is great for “how are we doing” stuff, but not for any type of fulfillment work flow. Regardless, that is the path they chose.

The lack of feedback from PiMax may be related to CES, but the reality is it should take less than 10 minutes to export the data from SM and import it and recreate the spreadsheet. They have already done it once and it should be repeatable (and automated).

The silence on their part is pretty deafening after the FIRST post in this thread.

My primary concern is that PiMax may be way over their heads in calculating manufacturing and are trying to figure out how to save face (I hate that term, but there is no real international way to say it). They relied on a very flawed order fulfillment process and appear to have left close to 1/2 of their backers wondering why they were skipped over after those backers did everything that was asked.

Add the official “no changes to orders” post on this forum and folks here have a good reason to be concerned.

Repeating my secondary concern: If they can’t keep track of what customer ordered what headset how are they keeping track of the add ons done at the time KS funded?

Additionally their complete disregard for data safety by publishing a survey link in the same thread with a link to every backer number - allowing anyone to hi-jack shipping information is just head scratching.

I’ve been following this forum since it opened and have held my thoughts and comments (I think this is my 4th post). This situation is just frustrating and head scratching.

It is my 9th KS so I am used to the disappointments and delights they bring. In this case, it is stunning that it is not a late manufacturing problem, but a lack of basic business practices and infrastructure to actually ship.



I will check and reply every survey status after receiving backer number(private message is ok)


Wouldn’t it have been easier to just respond to the support tickets that you decided to close without responding to?


Sounds like a lot of work going thru the backers manually, maybe thats the only way now.


Please check your Service desk


Please check your Service desk.Your information has confirmed


@Dallas.Hao thanks for your good work



Your information is confirmed,we have received your survey.

We are arranging your headset shipment.


this sounds like tremendous suffering. i’m sorry you have to do it this way.


Yep, this is pretty painful. They setup a support system and they don’t use it, then respond to a few backers manually on the forums and call it a day.

So now I have to go out of my way and PM you here on the forums because you closed my support ticket for no apparent reason, to confirm that you received my details that I filled out on 5 different surveys now.

Yep, this situation Pimax has created is truly painful.

Guess which rating I chose


Bro,Alan is arranging this for you already as i answered you in SUPEN-713 two days ago.


supen 867 please Dallas.Hao