Apology for the delays with Kickstarter campaign



This reminds me of the movie Bruce Almighty when he started receiving all the prayers…


I wonder how many people are going to have their headsets social engineered by someone…


i’m praying for him at this point not to him. the stress of this must be off the charts.


Please check your service desk
Your information is confirmed,we have received your survey.

We are arranging your headset shipment.


You should post more!!!
I like how you talk, kudos to you Man :call_me_hand:t4:




Also, can someone in Pimax explain what happened that created this mess?


SUPEN-1023 @Dallas.Hao


Your order has not confirmed yet.
Please filling the survey and we will ship your headset quite soon(We really need backers information to ship the headset to you)

Survey Link :https://bit.ly/2Qjg6D2

I just read your reply 15hrs ago,I will be perfect if you finish survey and we will receive your information


Hi @Dallas.Hao, you closed my ticket yesterday but i think it means everything is confirmed :slight_smile:
If anything wrong just let me know.


Just an issue with Survey, Pimax is trying to confirm shipping address and order choice with backers :slight_smile:


Can you check SUPEN-964 ? @Dallas.Hao


All that matters is they seem to have a plan of action now, i am sure they will get to all the tickets in good time .


And can you check also supen 856? @Dallas.Hao
Thanks for your hard work!


What makes you think that? Matthew/Dallas (yes, they’re the same person) just responded to like 5 people out of the 100+ who requested information, now gone like the wind again.

Honestly this is the worst customer support I have ever seen from any company in my entire life. Why would you just close a support ticket without at least saying “yes” or “no” then come on the forums and start responding to random people out of all the people who have requested assistance?

It seems like the same method they’re using to decide who they ship to next.


they are checking and resolving issues, and while i appreciate they are issuing a survey link to those that need clarification i am mildly concerned it is the generic link to the survey i completed previously but was still listed as needing to fill in hmm



SUPEN-986, please confirm that you got my survey.


Supen-974 please control that and give me a message … thanks


I just submitted a request, supen 1050. Can you check?


Yes,of course.

Your information has been confirmed


Please check my backernumber 6443