Apology for the delays with Kickstarter campaign





If i can have a confirmation.Thanks


And mine as well please 7090


you need to make support tickets afaik


Wrong, Dallas/Matthew will just close your ticket without saying anything.

Did I do something wrong? Was I not polite enough? What do you have to do to get actual attention from Pimax? Do I need to give someone sucky sucky?


I have two days ago and its still not had an Answer.


SUPEN-965 @Dallas.Hao

Can you please check my too? thx


Can you please confirm you got my info? @Dallas.Hao


Please check your service desk question


SUPEN-936 Please? Thank you @Dallas.Hao


SUPEN-1052. Please confirm if you have received my survey details @Dallas.Hao



Please check your service desk question


I sent you a private message. @Dallas.Hao


Alright then, thanks Dallas


SUPEN-958 @Dallas.Hao please :slight_smile:

I sent you a private message



Still waiting.


Sorry but i have no answer from you in my service deck…


Had the same yesterday and it just meant that they checked my ticket and it was fine.
If it appears as resolved it means it’s ok, order confirmed.
They have several hundred of emails to answer and are just under a 100 staff for all the work survey/shipping/QA and more.


It says “waiting for support”


Will just hope that’s the case… I don’t like watching these forums at all; it’s stressful and makes for a bad day imo. I have been as hands-off as possible while waiting for Pimax to deliver, and for the most part I’ve accepted the delays as I know Pimax is a small company. But now after the recent events I feel the situation has just gone too far and there’s no other option than to start being vocal about it.


If I click this link it says " You have already taken this survey."
Is this a personalized link? Then it would be a bad idea to put it here in the forum. It has been clicked by 16 others before me…