Apology for the delays with Kickstarter campaign



It’s not a personalized link.


Okay. But it says I already filled it.


Do you have my information or not? This is confusing…


Do you have an adblocker or anything of that sort? If so, try to open an incognito tab in chrome and fill out the survey there.


I don’t have an adblocker.


Just a suggestion, opening the survey link in an incognito tab will definitely allow you to fill it out again so its worth a try.


I’ll try. (20 20 20)


Thank you. Private window worked.

This has been the 5th time I filled the survey.

Do you have my information now?




SUPEN-1051, please confirm that you got my survey.


By the way: I know that you need my information. Of course!! But it seems to be I a technical problem. I filled the survey several times. I also wrote my information in the SUPEN.

If that dosn’t work I can suggest to send my information by E-Mail, PM, letter, FAX, phone call, smoke signals, racing pigeon, telegram, morse signals, whats app, signal flags…


I could write my info with a plane in the sky…
… i could make a artistic communication dance…
… i could sing it…
… i would do all that for my pimax… :smiley:


check 2595 information


it is backer no…and email today


@Dallas.Hao Can I get a confirmation check on 2,343



Have you contacted the seller. Maybe hes an honest dude and if he receives the headset he can forward it to you.



Please verify mine. I filled in my full address and info in every survey I replied to. SUPEN-1071


Please check your Service Desk question

Your information is confirmed,we have received your survey.

We are arranging your headset shipment.


I wrote 731 and not 713 !!! No answer so far !!!


Your information is confirmed,we have received your survey.

We are arranging your headset shipment.


Little upset here why Pimax don’t use the Kickstarter system for confirmation of the address?? I’ve done many Kickstarter and never had to confirm my address externally i Trust Kickstarter for keeping safely my personal info and give to it the creator . By not doing your confirmation validation by the standard kickstart way Pimax is again doing something to aggrave a normal processus

Correct me if i’m Wrong…


@Dallas.Hao Can you check 1. SUPEN-910 as well? Thanks!