Apology for the delays with Kickstarter campaign



@Dallas.Hao Could you please check * SUPEN-1062. SUPER excited about the headset!


EXACTLY!!! And can you easily PM through Kickstarter page to make headset choice. :persevere:


@Dallas.Hao Please help to check SUPEN-1074 ,Thanks.


Dallas did PM me. I’m sure he’s working long hours right now (and I want to publicly thank him).

They have my info and are “are arranging your headset shipment.”. I’m # 31xx, so I’m a bit surprised it’s not on the way. However, given some of the recent quality issues (cracks and dead pixels), I would still prefer that it’s properly tested, before being shipped. I assume Pimax continues to improve their QA, since that far cheaper than the replacement costs and the damage it does to their reputation.


@Sean.Huang @Dallas.Hao @Matthew.Xu There reads in my status Need backers to reply the survey “wtf?” “really?” Done that twice now.

Backer number 6316

Edit: Did support request of it… SUPEN-1065


@Dallas.Hao Please help to check SUPEN-1063, Thank You.


@Dallas.Hao also please look at SUPEN-1012

Thank you.


@dallas.hao SUPEN-939 please


how make it SUPEN?..


Support link in banner.


oh thank you very much^^


@Dallas.Hao Please check SUPEN-1066

Thank you.


@Dallas.Hao Please Check SUPEN-1068
Thanks a lot


Are you kidding me? There is no useful information on the service desk!
Another of cryptic fu**ing responses that make no sense. Check your service desk when there is nothing but the resolved supen where you wrote nothing. You make me rage man.

Now I had to make another ticket. This is a mess. You’re not helping yourself either here.


If Suspen is showing as Resolved it then means that they have your info.
No need to become verbal mate, i understand your frustration but @Dallas.Hao is really working hard to get this sorted.


Seriously: how hard is it to reply in a non cryptic way. A card laying witch is more precise than this guy. I am sick and tired of this. Other supen he replied your information has been confirmed. That would be ok. But no he writes check your (empty) service desk sending me into another limbo.


I believe him to be an honest guy for sure. He handed me all the logins even before I sent him any money


Please check " SUPEN-1079 "
Backed the 8K


Man you are constantly surprising me :slight_smile:. One day you are raging with frustration and the very next day you are defending Pimax’ actions.

This mess can be solved by a simple communication from Pimax to say that they either have all the info or they are working on checking the info and will only get back by email to get the necessary info


Didn’t Dallas say the spreadsheet was going to be ready today . What time is it in China ?