Apology for the delays with Kickstarter campaign



@Dallas.Hao - I have now completed the survey 4 times, raised a support ticket (closed by you without a reason) and sent you a private message (no reply)

I’m honestly not sure what else I can do?

Do you have my survey info? #4946




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Yeah wondering too. Tho why do i have the feeling we wont get it neither today? :sob:


Yeah + it’s Friday :sweat_smile:


I checked SUPEN-961 and it is still “Waiting for support” @Dallas.Hao


I just try to be fair mate, sometimes things makes me angry and i say it .But when Pimax is doing all they can to fix an issue we have to admit it.
Also, i never said i was stable person :joy:


Seems like he is an allocen v2 :rofl:


Thanks :slight_smile:


What backer number were you? And did you recieved a tracking number so far? I guess in the old sheet it said that will arrive SH by 7/1 this month aswell right?


Wait a minute…:thinking:…not sure if this is good or bad…:joy:

Allocen 2.0


2310 and nop, no tracking number yet.
But i expect it to arrive very soon, maybe in next 4/7 days.
yeah right 7/1


Cool, i think id expect mine in the same time aswell. I’m 3234 and from Romania. But i really expected at least a tracking number so far…



Hi Dallas,
Please can we get confirmation of what you would like us all to do
a) All 2700 people where it says didn’t fill in a survey should create a support ticket?
b) Wait for the spreadsheet to be released (if so, please can we have an estimated release time?)


i don’t believe in tracking number or at least not here…
many backers got headset same day or even before tracking.
Got email registered with DPD just in case and i am at home for next 2 weeks so fingers crossed.


I think you should open a ticket


Well Dallas said yesterday it’s ok to contact him via the support ticket or PM
Got my survey confirmed by PM


Is that because he has realised that the survey was a DUCK F@&$?!k ?


Apparently. It was monkey business.


i don’t think we’ll be getting spreadsheet now as its past 5pm in China.
If they post it now everyone will be checking/asking/commenting and i think they need some rest after all this mess…


How are you guys getting such quick responses to your support tickets?

I created one (SUPEN-855) on tuesday and there has yet to be a response.

Really not seeing the improved support and communication they promised.