Apology for the delays with Kickstarter campaign



I feel you.

I think we can tell them 100 times to better their communication, hire more people for this, use the proper tools etc. but they won’t change it. I don’t think they don’t want it. I think they just can’t because they are too chaotic themself. I mean, how can you organize a chaos by telling people to raise tickets and put their ticket number in the 1000s post of a forum?

When I raised my ticket I wrote him that I filled the survey several times. His answer was: “You really need to fill out the survey. Because we need the information” Like I don’t want to fill the survey?! And he sent me another survey link. Didn’t they read my ticket? Perhaps they didn’t understand my ticket? Perhaps the stress is so high right now that they couldn’t do it better. I feel for them. But perhaps the stress is also high because they organize wrong… Who knows…

The sad thing is. Even if they get my information now and I get my HMD in some weeks. I added 100$ for hand tracking to my pledge. And then there are all the stretch goals. So we have to go through this all again. And pimax will make mistakes and be overwhelmed again. Because after all this I don’t think they learned anything about communication…

Nice booktitles would be:

“Pimax and me. A journey of excitement, frustration and a lot of confusion.”


“The kickstarter triangle. The time when pimax made me dizzy.”


“How to not use a forum! With big pimax example spreadsheet inside!”

No insult intended. I want pimax to succeed, but they won’t if they continue like this. Not in the long run…


Has your ticket been marked as resolved ?

@Dallas.Hao can you check on @htfoo ticket please :slight_smile:
Thank you


Nope. No response at all. I tried hitting the Escalate button yesterday to see if it does anything… :sweat_smile:


Tagged him in my post see if by any chance he is around and can check on it.
if you see the status changing to resolved then it should mean they confirmed your info :slight_smile:


Thanks for that. Though I suppose it could be moot if they do manage to release the updated spreadsheet.


Please check " SUPEN-1047 "
Backed the 8K


Hello Dallas @ Hao, I think this is not a sensible way to capture the data of the backer here.
Not every backer is represented here in the forum …
How about a new poll about kickstarter or e-mail?


@Dallas.Hao , supen-974 check this…i waiting
5K+…Backer 4330 …has finished, have just seen the new list


The spreadsheet is back up .
(Edit) now it’s down again .


wow, thank you…


I am in “Preparation”. Finally. That calms me down.

I hope it is the 5k+…


I am in “Preparation”. Finally. That calms me down.
I hope it is the 8K…


was the list updated?
Where can I find them?


new spreadsheet:

edit: link removed as spreadsheet had too much info in it!


forum link


thank you verry much


This is bonkers…

You cannot resolve a question without providing an answer.

Anyway, glad they finally posted the spreadsheet…


the spreadsheet has already been removed again . This really hasn’t been a good week for Pimax has it ?


Sorry was talking about i giving your survey info via ticket.
Didn’t know you asked something.


It’s back… was removed for good reason this time (although seeing my name next to backer number was very reassuring).

Glad Pimax has solved the survey crisis of 2019 and now I’ll go back to waiting patiently again lol.


Yes it was but some backers are very angry . I didn’t realise it was such a big no no .