Apology for the delays with Kickstarter campaign



No probs, that was why it was so infuriating…


this weeks episode of pimax forums was amazing.


ha ha love it :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Ok so where is it? Backer 7125


forum topic link

Hope this helps


Thank you they posted right after me


Well a good question is how can the #7122 is already delivered when #90 is still on preparation ???


because for some reason they didnt have information from thousands of backers who did the first survey from 5th december. i remember in the 5th december survey they asked if you wanted an address update and everyone that picked no had this missing information issue lol


Yes! I remember that field that asked you to update your address if necessary. That has to be where the issue lies. I was just thinking yesterday that I didn’t remember entering my address into that original survey, as it indicated it was for updated address information/address changes.


So PiMax has leaked all of the backer’s names in the updated spreadsheet that was up for about an hour. So I have made a complaint about GDPR breaches with ICO. I did tell them to be careful about this and not cause issues and here we are two days later and they have leaked all the backer’s personal information.


only a few names , but you make a valid point


Thanks for clearing up that mystery!


not everyone 20 char


you could have waited till we all got our headsets to try and sink the company.


Luckily for you the EU agencies dealing with GDPR breaches are utterly swamped currently. Will be months before they even get around to reading it let alone dealing with it. But I am not responsible for the law being breached or its enforcement, the breach is PiMax’s fault and that is where you should be focussing your annoyance not at the person asking for the law to be upheld.


Cannot see anymore than a strong letter going their way , hopefully they will think before they act in future


People are so touchy these days, hmph. :unamused:


My secret identity is out ,i am ironman


With any luck the EU will join NAFTA in the abyss.


Yes, now our names have leaked everybody now knows I am in fact Butts McLickpoop.