Apology for the delays with Kickstarter campaign



Finally, the world can know me as the one and only Princess Foxybum of Pudding Fjord!


@Dallas.Hao hallo dallas, please check this…supen-1096
Backer 4318…5K+


Have you filled the survey yesterday?
It’s third time reply. You can just ask me once and i will reply
survey link:https://bit.ly/2Qjg6D2




Genuinely chuckled at this one lol


Can you please respond to the question regarding locking the HMD choices when we were previously promised that we’d have the benefit of YouTube user reviews before deciding whether we wanted the 5K+ BE OLED?

This is my biggest issue right now, I’m VERY interested in an OLED version even if the screen door effect is more pronounced, but you guys locked down orders right when the first impression from CES came down.

That’s not okay. I understand why you may have done this from a logistical standpoint, but it was something Pimax promised and didn’t remotely honor.

Very disappointed.


hello dallas, from survey monkey I get the answer, … you have already taken this survey, … again participate in the survey at survey monkey is not … please control supen-1096 … .backer 4318 … with kind regards J


Hello Juergen, to fill again the survey you have to clean the cookie of your browser


Hello, in the name of my brother I say thank you


@Dallas.Hao,hello dallas, I have today on 12.01.19 again at survey monkey completed the survey … Regards Juergen


Great update guys. You are doing way better in communication that Oculus did during their initial launch! Keep up the good work. I am sure that all your customers would rather wait a little and get a production ready device, than one with quality issues.


Hello, my backer number is 6815 and i replied to the survey twice. Can you check this ?

Keep up the good work.

A French customer.



Good. I hope you do well.


Thanks for your help.
We will receive your survey and arrange the shipment for you.


Your information is confirmed,we have received your survey.

We are arranging your headset shipment.


Please check the message. I repeatedly asked “We responded to the investigation of 1627 but have you arrived?” But it is ignored.


I’ve received the headset just a week ago where I received a mail containing the tracking number. Upon checking the link I found out the headset would be delivered within the next few hours. I rushed home and was in time to get my headset. Very happy to have my headset, but my feedback here would be to sent the tracking number a day before at the minimum cause now it servers absolutely no purpose AND people will be frustrated if they missed the package (even if it delays receiving it with just one day).



It’s weird but not on purpose. I think the headsets are being sent to the warehouses covertly and then sent from there to our homes super quickly. Even quicker than the tracking codes can be communicated.


" we will release a spreadsheet with all our backers’ specific delivery information and updated on a daily basis"

Is this happening and where might I view it?


One would think so yeah, but I watched the history. The tracking number could have been given a few days before. It’s not that I’m mad about this, just thinking that if it were me than I’d be paying money for a service thaT isn’t being utilized properly. Ah well. I’ve got my headset !