Are Pimax staff no longer active on forum?



@Alan.sun hasn’t posted at all in March.
@Doman.Chen only posts to request PMs.
@Sean.Huang is down to one or two posts per day.
@Dallas.Hao is only posting shipping updates.

It used to be the case that those with issues getting a reply from tickets were offered some support via the forum from Pimax staff. Has there been a policy shift to move staff away from the forum?

I’ve been a month trying to get a reply on an open ticket [supen2028]. I’m curious why correspondence from Pimax is being taken private and out of the public domain.


I can’t even login to support.


So pathetic attempts to become a world player in VR.


It looks like they’ve moved to Facebook. I see Pimax asking for people with unanswered tickets to contact them there!


I have seen one of them on Youtube answering a comment, seems problems are a foot, they have gone dark again :slight_smile:


look like i got scamed lol, 1500 cand down the drain. they exibit tell tell sign of a failing company on the brink of bankruptcy, and this is their own undoing.