Are you equipped? Base station Polls. This time with feeling!


Sorry about the fiasco with the polls, everybody. Here’s a new thread, now with 50% more creamy poll goodness!

Just to restate- I am trying to convey some info to Pimax about the base station issue. Though we are waiting to hear from (hopefully) Robin Weng, it has been conveyed by @xunshu that the base stations are not an add on. So I am creating two polls to address the community’s current standing. The first poll is about your equipment, the second is more about your understanding at the time you backed the KS. Please feel free to expand on any of this below. Hopefully we can send Pimax a clear message and give them the opportunity to resolve things in an equitable manner.

  1. What is your current equipment as base stations are concerned?
  • I plan to use the V1’s from my Vive.
  • I plan to use the V2’s from my Vive Pro
  • I plan to use my Pimax units from a deluxe pledge
  • I am unequipped

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  1. Which of the responses below most closely characterize your understanding at the time you pledged on KS?
  • I am already equipped with base stations. I don’t need to worry about them
  • I have (blank) concerns. I will buy an HMD for now and buy the Pimax Add Ons later
  • I plan to use my Pimax units from a deluxe pledge
  • Better buy a full pledge now, because the base stations will not be for sale later

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There is another scenario, that i think many backers will have/use and this scenario kinda remixes the actual poll as it is right now.

I plan to use the V1’s from my Vive until Pimax delivers the Pimax Units from a Deluxe Package.

because of this, you either vote 1 or 2 in the poll and thus it is kinda useless for Pimax. Only Polls from Scenarios 3-4 could be interesting for them.


Well, I offered the option that one would be planning to use their Pimax units from the deluxe package. In my mind, that precedes anything else. What happens in the interim is really more on the person. You could also borrow a friend’s base station, or take a financial hit and buy V1’s until the V2’s become available. If they become available.

Along those lines, in the first poll, I left the last option at the voter being unequipped. It’s also true that one could borrow from a friend, or buy a Vive and sell the HMD, or buy used base stations, but that’s less material to the core issue.


yes offcourse, and its quite a thoughtful approach.
I just thought with my scenario i have the option to chose between

“I plan to use the V1’s from My Vive” or
“I plan to use my Pimax units”


“i am already equipped…” or
“i plan to use my Pimax units…”

so if all Backers with my same scenario chose either this or that, it just dilutes or mixes up the results of the poll. But it’s just a detail. Its interesting though, because its a nice depiction of the swirled development of this whole Kickstarter Project.



I am not sure to understand the questions. In 1) question I am equally:

  • I plan to use my Pimax units from a deluxe pledge
  • I am unequipped

In 2) question I would check again two answers:

  • I plan to use my Pimax units from a deluxe pledge
  • Better buy a full pledge now, because…

Since I could not check two answers, I chose the first ones in the lists, but I admit that the wording is confusing and I cannot imagine what it should actually tell to Pimax?


Actually I just added a single base station to my pledge to get a perfect setup for seated sims.
Already pledged single base station was not on the list


I guess this wasn’t as clear as I hoped. If you purchased the deluxe pledge, then you have Pimax V2 base stations. Whether those arrive in October or January, you essentially own them as of now. This takes precedence of what you might need to do between the time you get your headset and base stations- presuming they arrive independent of each other.

So on this, the thinking is that there are buyers who bought the deluxe pledge because they wanted it. This is in contrast to the other option which is to convey that you purchased the deluxe pledge because you had some understanding that the base stations would no longer be available in the future.

As we are facing the possible reality of base stations no longer being available to buyers, I think it’s important to get a sense of what people understood at the time of the pledge. A good number of people who deferred purchase of base stations either did it out of financial concern or because things weren’t too sure about details of the Pimax base stations. We knew Valve had a version 2 coming, but in the beginning, it wasn’t too clear whether Pimax was building under version 1 or 2. Of course there were also a bunch of Vive owners who held off because they already had a kit and planned to reuse what they had. Point being that not only are we looking at the possibility of not being able to use our credit with Pimax to complete our setup, it has also been implied that Pimax will not sell these base stations as add ons anymore.

The point here is to bring to Pimax’s attention what the understood dynamic was. It seems pretty well agreed that these base stations are an add on and can be purchased. Even as of now, it’s on the kickstarter.


With regards to the clear statement from Pimax maybe four simple questions might be informative:

I have already paid for a base station and would like to buy (at least) another one.
I have already paid for a base station and don’t plan to buy another one.

I haven’t paid for a base station and would like to buy (at least) one.
I haven’t paid for a base station and don’t plan to buy one.

@xunshu The fact that basic equipment is not sold individually may be justifiable for a product that has a complete tracking system on the release date. In the case of Pimax, there is no specific release date from either the sensors or the controllers and beside that, even the headsets will be sold without any restrictions after the Kickstarter campaign. I hope that the negotiations with the supplier will be successful and thanks in advance for any efforts in this issue!


I had 2 pledges, one of which came with the base stations and controllers (5K Deluxe). I now have one pledge (8K X), which is only the headset.

I am aiming to get the Vive V2 base stations and controllers. I really liked the original ones, so I expect that I will like the new ones too.

I did have an original Vive, but was offered a good deal (last year), so sold it :slight_smile:


The main issue here is I believe most backers believed they could buy extra base stations once they were available but it looks like we cannot . I thought one of the main advantages of base station v2 was that you could use more than 2 to track large areas or L or T shaped areas . I think Sebastian nailed it when he suggested we buy second hand vive now before demand pushes the price up .


Yes you can not buy the basestations NOW. I think that matter will eventually change. I hope.
People (including me) are probably overreacting again.


From pimax? 20!!!


It would make sense for Pimax to develop their v2 controllers and then offer them together in a bundle with v2 basestations. Not sure when that will be though.


I hope so, so people could use the coupon for something useful. And not to the nonsense “smell module” (I prefer calling it a fragrance pack, or Frag-pack for short)


Yeah that’d be one solution, if they are not allowed to sell them separately just bundle them with the controllers or something, a Pimax mascot.


I decided to buy a used Vive system and the cost ($400) was cheaper than buying 2 V1 bases and 2 wands. Indeed the cost is around what I would have paid for 2 V2 bases and going out and buying Vive wands.
When I pledged a year ago I was not thinking that by this time I still would not have a timeline on knuckles but that’s ok. The one BS2 I order on the KS is now unnecessary since the roomsize advantage is lost on my space and the price advantage is now moot. Ideally, I would like Pimax @xunshu to allow me to cancel the 1xBS2 and convert it to a store credit. I am sure I will be able to sell it to someone if they are not willing to do this, but I will likely not spend the money in the Pimax store if I have to go to the trouble of selling it externally, not to mention the good will a credit would bring.
All else aside, I am ready for my Pimax and excited.


I just edited my previous post to clarify what I meant.


In the other thread they said that we couldn’t use coupons to get a base station or even buy individual base stations. Just wondering how you added one to your order in case I decide to do so?


So we can still add base stations to our pledge?
Awesome I will buy my third one righ now :+1:


How? where???