Are you equipped? Base station Polls. This time with feeling!


My understanding is that Pimax will (eventually) send an email, allowing backers to add accessories to their original order.


Too late I believe. During the kickstarter we were allowed to add one to headset package. This is the same as what I did, it was pretty clear in the process that this was an offer for during the kickstarter timeframe.


Exactly, there was a list of addons one could pledge additionally for. Of course there will be items to order in their shop as soon as they start retail. I think the pledge items were all about giving trust and getting lower rates and early shipping in return.


Ahhhhhh ok. I read the “I just added” in your original post to mean that you literally just added them today. I was a bit sleep deprived last night!


You will most likely be able to buy them from Valve which is why they aren’t going to be sold from PiMax, it’s not like they are pimax exclusive.


When looking at what @xunshu wrote it looks like they only have a license for bundled light houses so they may not rival the Vive addon sales that most likely will be more expensive…
It really would be a sad story when the eco system is held back in the beginning by eliminating competition for price/performance.

I simply would prefer to have a very few suppliers/shops to go for, so i hope to find everything in Pimax store that can go with a Pimax.


I originally got the impression that Pimax were creating their own Lighthouses like they are with the controllers.

I will likely spend the coupon on a controller/s and buy a lighthouse or two from HTC Vive.


I backed the First 8K Full Package Ever because I was coming from Rift and Odyssey and I haven’t basestations, so first when I receive my headset I’ll pair it with my 1070 laptop to watch movies and read this forum :sunglasses:
Then I’ll prepare my new Pc and then with the new basestations I’ll can play I guess. This is my Road to WideFovVr


Wouldnt it be wise to use vive basestation and wands? Dont think pimax basestation will be better than vive baseststions. Again i could be wrong or i lack information on the development of pimax basestation.


got a vive and 1 pimax station backed


The Pimax ones are said to be V2 with the encoded laser system . These aren’t for preorder from HTC Vive today, so PimaxVR ones were kind of a very early preorder.
It’s expected to be compatible if technically not even the same…


They are the steamvr 2.0 basestations, they will be exactly the same.

There are no vive basestations.