[Article] TH Navi Reveal via Linux



seems Navi card are competing on price with nvidia x60 and x70 models.
none is able to compete on performance with 2080 or 2080ti.
if we can run VR for cheaper on a NAVI, why not, but for PIMAX VR, the only hope at 8K seems to go 2080ti (unless you get a 5K+ that runs perfectly well on my 980ti).
But AMD still behind since their cards are not yet even released and Nvidia ones are on the market since a long time already.


Indeed though keep in mind we need to see how they perform vs spec sheets.

Amd is likely still main focus is CPU presence. Will be interesting to see how it goes.

If mem serves Mantle on the 7000 series was the last big threat to Nvidia. I recall Nvidia Ceo had a fit over early Vulkan tests on was Eye of Singularity game bench?

I do know the Opensource Amd gpu drivers are really decent comparing with Closed source driver.