As to the latest experience exchange

Can they really get away with what they’re doing now? Maybe. They took preorders for something shown in public and on youtube that won’t materialise for another what, 4-6 months at best. Is that standard business? You don’t see samsung sony or apple showing off something at shows, saying preorder and get it in 2 months then saying "Uh Oh. We didn’t think what we made is good enough after all. Hopefully, you might get it in 6 months. It doesn’t actually fully exist yet.

Pimax though, it’s like their trademark to deliver false promises now.

I know, small company, kickstarted but I wonder if they don’t see the difference between crowdfunding, and just scamming people for large sums of cash to stay afloat and hope for the best. They’ve already made dubious moves before, people like me who didn’t BACK the headset in crowdfunding but BOUGHT it from their website, buying a full kit when parts of it didn’t exist and they didn’t even have permission to SELL the full kit 9 months ago, there was NO mention of the wait for the controllers on their website at the time. And then they managed to send me the wrong item also.

Now, it’s another long wait so that they can design a box that you can open and throw away instead of just shipping the LONG overdue to some backers, (OEM)! products you could have bought quite a few yesterdays ago from someone else.

I will share again the lengths I had to go to to get either a product or my money back when something went wrong, it had to go beyond communication with pimax.
16 weeks of either being ignored or getting treated like a joke, repeating the same questions to me over and over, I got a credit card refund in the end when they couldn’t get around to explaining themselves to the bank any better than I. Plus numerous curiously untrue sounding excuses, like there MAY be a charge for the refund, perhaps 25%… and two weeks later a reply that ‘my refund was not authorised’… hmm. Just stalling and hoping I would think the 25% loss was too much to agree to. I looked into it. There was no charges legally due and I told them. So afterwards there comes the vague ‘refund not authorised’ email… hmmm. That was the last communication before refund in full from the CC. (Originally they sent me the wrong model headset- their mistake- and all I was trying to do was get a replacement and refund for non existant controllers so I could go get some real ones with my money, but it went on so long that it turned into a full refund request, so… well done pimax. You got nothing in the end due to your sporadic and unsatisfactory communication)

I’m sharing this because I want prospective buyers to know what they’re getting into with this ‘company’. A lot of people had the same experience if something went wrong. They’re trying to pull in money for 8kX etc to get themselves out of a bind (in my opinion) like they did to me months back opening up orders to the general public BEFORE all backers had got their headsets, and I wonder if they’ll be around by the time the 8kX is supposed to be released. I got my cash back. I considered myself lucky. I’d suggest if you’re not already invested - wait and see if an actual product comes out next year and get one then from amazon if you still want to. Don’t go anywhere near them directly FFS.

And if you are already invested, and you have bought by credit card, And are waiting for stretch goals or valve products- get on with getting your money back quick before it potentially disappears completely.

Don’t get into this pimax cluster F. Pathetic and untrustworthy company who don’t mind spinning their heels and running you in circles to hold on to ‘their’ cash instead of sorting your problems out as they should do… (Also: no shame on SweViver :wink: You got enrolled into this mess as far as I can see, free pass)

And lastly I wouldn’t be surprised if this message goes missing, sooner than later when I post it on the official pimax forum in a few minutes :slight_smile: Also, well done on getting VR to the next level pimax. It’s a shame you’re so clueless as to what you’re doing to your reputation by overpromising and underdelivering. Good luck, but sort your stuff out will you?


This is my biggest concern about Pimax and why I am not sure about giving them another 1000 bucks of my money . I am continuously reading about all these RMA , support and refund dramas . At least they finally seem to be trying to get on top of these issues so I will sit back an see how the net few weeks pan out + now they are extending the backer upgrade deadline past the end of December . But reading all these posts about support , RMA and refund problems is a big problem for them .


Well I feel almost shamed for the opening message but none of it was untrue. Pimax communication with buyers needs a shot of Epinephrine. I don’t want to see them fail. They’re imo failing for themselves at the moment. I would get a 8kx next year whenever it’s available in a heartbeat… Just so long as I don’t need to deal with pimax directly. At the moment.

Change that , for your sake pimax. I felt like I didn’t matter and all our conversation amounted to was holding onto my cash.

That’s not a business model lol

I think it boils down to the fact that if you want a headset that’s full quality tested, in stock, ready to go, with full warranty and easy support, then Oculus or Index is probably your best bet. If you’re looking for cutting edge technology that even the big boys haven’t released yet, you have to expect to go through these things. Delays, high difficulty of support, lack of communication, etc. It’s kind of what you’re signing up for to own the very latest tech from a small company. If patience isn’t your thing, Pimax probably isn’t a good purchase, at least until it’s readily available. I’m not saying they’ve done the best job with handling things, but I’m also not surprised in the least. I’m honestly surprised I even received a 5K+ from my initial backing. So many Kickstarter projects just fail completely. People who backed Pimax wanted something other than the current headsets out there and Pimax did eventually deliver that. It took way longer than initially thought and some of them had issues, but again that shouldn’t have been a surprise when buying into a project like this. I would have loved to hear the 8KX was shipping in January, but I really didn’t think that was possible and expected a Spring release before they announced it. If that suddenly jumps to summer, it’ll suck yes, but again I won’t be surprised. It’s what I signed up for, a chance to be the first to own this technology.


If there was something along the lines of what you said on the website that’d help. I never thought of complaining when I had to spend 35 minutes figuring out how to set up say city car driving. And every other game I got around to.

Personally I knew it would take some work to get games working with the headset though I take your point. And there’s the ‘at least we got something’ aspect in terms of the kicktarter too but in my experience I didn’t :slight_smile: I bought it after the fact, with controllers. And I only got half - and the half was the wrong half XD ( 5kBE/XR instead of 5k+)

This is the point Razorub. Not everyone who has paid signed up with full knowledge of possibility of having nothing, due to headset+controller sales on the website after the kickstarter had finished. And that can only be pimax fault.