Ask Pimax anything about the KS delivery


That is… an interesting reason, and sounds about right. What is a skid, may I ask?


Also called a Pallet. Platform(often wood) for materials to be moved by a forklift or pallet jack.

Grocery stores in North America often have cubes of Bottled water for example on the floor on blue pallets.


It may also be because some people ordered 8K’s and others 5K+'s. I am backer 24 and only the 8K portion of my pledge has shipped, the 5K+'s I got in the same pledge still have not shipped.


Oh okay, I know what a pallet is, lol, just not heard the name skid.


Yeah different places have different slangs. :laughing:


Helio you’re hilarious


Since we deliver the headsets to the backers in strict accordance with the backer number, we will get in touch with you before shipping your package. We are also trying to speed up the delivery. Please be advised. Have a nice day!


Are you allowed to comment when the next batch might be ready? It’s totally fine if not, I understand privacy and company expectations and such.


#48 and nothing at all, no tracking mail is there any other people in the first 100 always in this case? I see that between 100 and 200 people received the tracking… :frowning: ( edit : sorry, it’s seems it’s the mail to choose 5k+ or 8k , not the tracking mail) :wink:


30 and same here at all… :frowning:


I don’t think anyone between 100 and 200 have received tracking yet!? not sure what makes you think that?

Did you go for the 5k+? it looks like the majority if not all of the most recent tracking numbers were 8k’s.


ouch, my eyes…
Did you try to email support directly?


Indeed it is a 5k+, I didn’t know there was a delay for the 5k+


yes but the answer didn’t help, let’s say;)


5K+ for you ? It seems to be coming from ( or North America?)


5K+ yes, i´m from EU


There’s not a specific delay in one model, they will make and pass QA so many of each and so far not many of each have made it out.

So the backer order will be relative to the model of HMD selected, it might be a few more 8k’s got made, or more of the early backers selected the 5k+…who knows… But that’s why some higher numbers did get shipped due to a handful of 8k’s available for them.

There is not many that have been shipped so far.


It’s quite possible that they make just 8ks for some time, then just 5k+ as right now they only have 1 production line.

Ofcourse there is the thing with how they said like near 50/50 of each hmd so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Just got an email saying my 5k’s shipped. So now both my 5k’s and 8k’s are en route


A lot of the pimax shipping survey emails have gone out yesterday and today. At least 194 through 237. Also I would add that 9 tracking numbers added Friday so I think the total number of backers shipped is about 86.