Ask Pimax anything about the KS delivery


not true. i just got the odyssey+ acouple of days ago and am still waiting for my pimax #278.


Well, my resistance is falling apart.



Completely agree, It is not point to buy it … :sunglasses:


Head Dounted Misplays!


If like Canada i used Aftership. After it arrived at canada customs i used Canada post’s tracking with same if as here.


How true if like me that could be vive LHs & Controllers.


I sold the Rift when i got my Vive
Then sold the Vive when i got the Odyssey
And obviously sold the Odyssey as soon Pimax started to ship.
then it occurred to me that i was without any lighthouses nor controllers !

So this leaves me:

  • Without controllers
  • Without HMD´s
  • Without sanity
  • Itching to get the Odyssey+
  • Overflowing with hope :innocent:
  • Playing BloodBorne on the PS4 for the 11x

Hopefully i will receive a tracking code this week, well see.


Good news a lot of sit down experiences. Skyrim & some also support game pad.


Yep, also i prefer keyboard and mouse in Elite Dangerous, my main SIM.


what is your backer no.?



i got the first tracking number 14th November the tacking says:
Shanghai -> WestYorkshire
2018-11-20 19:07 Delivered. Thank you for using SF Express. Looking forward to serving you again


JESUS CHRIST 215, that means I have to wait til next year to get mine in the late 300s.


Not according to the current production plan, should be next week! (not including shipping time)


It looks like the next shipment should get to backers 600 or around there. They have a shot for getting the headset by the end of the year. Everyone else will fall to next year just based on shipping times.


The sf-express pallet to the US now finally says - “Delivered. Thank you for using SF Express. Looking forward to serving you again”… So everyone’s headset is in Cleveland?

Ok… Now what? Are we going to get another tracking number sent to our original emails? About how long does that usually take?


They had 573 hmd’s built on the 22nd so tomorrow the 24th it will be up to almost 700. That will mean ~436+ devices that could ship next week.


Yeah. We should get the headsets by next weekend.


I got this email today from Pimax !!


@Dallas.Hao - Do you know when the batch that is currently in the UK will be delivered? It arrived in the UK four days ago, but second tracking numbers haven’t been sent yet. I am in the UK myself. Thanks.


What’s your backer number ?We can check the status for you