Ask Pimax anything about the KS delivery


Mine is 126, thanks.


Any update on when the US backers can expect to get their 2nd tracking email? It looks like the headsets have been delivered to the US by sf-expres last Friday, but we still haven’t gotten our second tracking numbers yet.


If not wrong i think some backers received the headset a day after getting second tracking number or even before .


Your headset is still on the way.The headsets will arrive at our UK warehouse this week and we will update the tracking information when second round delivery begains.


@Dallas.Hao I don’t understand, the headsets arrived last Tuesday evening according to SF Express. Where were they then?


Are you guys updating the backer tracker sheet? We are now going towards 3 weeks of no updates on that spreadsheet.


The last production update was 3 days ago? Which SS are you referring to?


Agree - the tracking has them delivered in West Yorkshire on the 20th:

2018-11-20 星期二

19:07:29 已签收,感谢使用顺丰,期待再次为您服务


Shipping updates with tracking numbers, shallowly speaking i guess, what most people are pressing F5 on lol


I plan on updating the sheet when I get shipping info. I should be in the next shipment (#248, 5K+). I think there hasn’t been updates because there’s nothing to update since they haven’t shipped any HMDs recently.


Ah, that sheet isn’t managed by pimax, its community made.

So there hasn’t been any deliveries for a while as @kw23 says. There are a few that have gone to the distribution centers in various places so I think a bunch of deliveries are imminent and production has started to move now, so you should see more updates over this week onward hopefully?!


Ahhh the waiting is killing me lol thanks mate. I really hope they can speed up production so all our fellow backers in the thousands can also start getting their headsets as soon as possible as well. Here i am in the low 300’s biting my nails every day, it must really suck to be that high in the backer numbers, makes sense why some people have gone as far as to buy lower backer numbers as well just to ensure they get something in the foreseeable future. Hang tight everyone, we are so damn close!


at low 300’s you’re imminent for a shipment notice if the factory doesn’t explode! :slight_smile:


I’m just hoping the shipping timing works out. I am headed across the country visiting family from December 21 - January 6th.


@Dallas.Hao Why don’t you give us an answer to our questions?


If you check his profile, you’ll notice he posted this today: Production Progress Update 1126

There are 505 units ready in the warehouse right now. The next batch will get sent this week :slight_smile:


I think that is the warehouse in China, I and Bertram have been asking about the headsets which arrived in the UK.


Ah, gotcha. If I were to guess, I’d say that on the progress report “warehouse” means any warehouse perhaps? I don’t know either. Or do you reckon those headsets are part of the earlier shipped batches?

Would indeed be best if @Dallas.Hao could provide clarity here.


Our headsets arrived in the UK a week ago according to SF Express but in a reply to Bertram he said that it was still on the way to the UK. I am asking for an explanation.


If it’s in customs it csn take a variable amount of time to clear. Sometimes quick & sometimes slow.