Ask Pimax anything about the KS delivery


According to SF Express it has already cleared customs and been delivered to Yorkshire on last Tuesday.


A UK backer on FB is saying he got his today.


I’m in the Netherlands so it will take a bit longer but I am hoping to get a 2nd tracking although that seems to not be going so well at the moment.


Interesting… I’m also one of the UK backers in the batch currently in Yorkshire. Let’s hope that maybe they’ve been sent out without having given us the tracking numbers as it’s been radio silence since they arrived in Yorkshire.


I believe the UK headsets are meant to come via DPD from the UK warehouse but my DPD app says I still have no parcels due. (anything being sent to my address should automatically be added)


Mine arrived also already a week ago in UK (i am backer 212, Austria)
Just curious what holds them there after customs.
The shipping was $50 per unit ($150 for me in only shipping!!!). Pimax, you can do better!


So you have received your headset(s)? If so which ones?


@Dallas.Hao Hi,

As one of the Backers who is without any previous base stationed tracking system or controllers, are there any realistic estimates for fulfilling the rest of complete backer packages? After testing that my HMD works, it’ll basically be sitting on a shelf most of the time until those packages arrive, now that I bought an O+



Good question. I am in the same boat; however resisted the O+. There are however a lot of gamepad compatible games like simmers or adventure games like Skyrim & Hellblade.


@Heliosurge can you confirm if there is drifting with 3dof or not? Someone said he needs to reset the view constantly.
Edit. fixed typo lol


I wrote that my headsets sit in UK for over a week.
I am waiting patiently in Austria.
Hopefully they arrive in the next days…

A friend ordered a O+ for me in the states and sent it today to me.
What will arrive first? lol


I didn’t have that problem myself. However if it was in the forum here. That might have beem the fellow whom discovered his subwoofer had caused the drift after I suggested setting up using magnetic north.

He said his phone compass was not stable & found his subwoofer was the cause.


We will send next batch product this week,and these products will ship from china to backers hands


The headsets will arrive at our UK warehouse this week and we will update the tracking information when second round delivery begins.


He is more asking if there is an update on timeline as to when this part of the Project is estimated as to when this might be ready for backers.

Ie Q2 2019 Q3…


You already have answers bro,it’s still on the way.and we will updating tracking information while arrange delivery


Thanks for your reminding. The estimate time line for deliver base station and controllers are Q2 2019


Damn, that really sucks for people counting on the full package.
We just have to hope then that valve is quicker… Because if I get my preorder in February already I still have to wait at least two months to actually use it for anything other than movies… Sims won’t work either because I get nauseous without 6DOF

Suggesting people to buy vive gear is, yes the only solution, but it’s a crappy one.

We know that you need to acquire the lighthoses from Valve so that’s out of your control… but you still have to develop & test your own controllers as well. Considering Murphy’s law… I’m not confident :confused:


At least one person in the UK in the same batch had their headset delivered yesterday and the tracking page said they arrived in West Yorkshire on the 20th. I don’t understand how people can be receiving them at their house already if they’re still on the way?


i dont ask any questions anymore^^ i hope my headset will come this week without tracking number :smiley: