Ask Pimax anything about the KS delivery


Could you clarify this please? The batch already has arrived in Yorkshire, it was delivered by SF Express on the 20th… we have all seen the tracking information. Are you saying it was not delivered to the UK warehouse but rather somewhere else instead? I don’t understand how it can still be on its way to the UK warehouse when the batch was delivered to an address in Yorkshire last week?


Looking at that timeline, there doesn’t appear to be a gap long enough between events for the shipment to get from Hong Kong to the UK, so I would wager that “Delivered” means its handed to whoever is shipping to the UK, rather than having arrived in the UK.
The customs clearance doesn’t have to happen in the UK and can happen in the sending country before it gets on a boat/plane with the right arrangements.


But there’s actually people from this batch who had their headset delivered yesterday.


I only see one from Hong Kong and one from Japan out of the second batch on the tracking spreadsheet…

Have you got other evidence?


I don’t know if you can see this group as it’s private but he was in this batch -


Ah I don’t use Facebook and you’re right its private…

Any mention of the courier and/or backer number?

The initial reaction looks good and hopefully the second batch is now in country and on its way to end users.


Didn’t mention backer number, just that it was in the recent batch and that it took 6 days from China to UK (which is correct on the tracking sheet) and then it arrived after a while in customs.

He does seem to work as part of a team using VR though so maybe they got priority or maybe their headset was the first through customs and the others are still going through it.

But it’s crazy for the Pimax team to say these aren’t even in the UK yet when one guy in London has his on his face :joy:


So then more will likely receive this week or next from that batch.


I am part of the fb group. It’s just a fb group.


Yeah it’s private though, I had to wait a few days for access so others might not be able to see this post.


I think there’s something funny about this post. Perhaps he received one that he purchased from someone who’d already received theirs. He seems to have been rather coy about that.


Wait so some people got theirs yesterday? Did they get a second tracking number?

Some of us need that second tracking number so we have SOME idea when to expect it (so we can be home to sign for it).


Someone says he did. But he hasn’t actually said that it came direct from Pimax, and nobody else has reported receiving theirs.


No,that’s the batch before this batch.This batch did not start second deliver yet


@Dallas.Hao can you please tell us WHY the second delivery has not yet started for this batch since it arrived in Yorkshire over a week ago now.


Dear backers,
The headsets are on the way to our UK warehouse and will arrive this week.We will arrange the second round deliver and update the tracking information.Everyone want their headset especally some friends have received theirs.Your package status is good and just still need some time to come to you.


Dallas, can you tell us where the warehouse is in the US? Is it in Cleveland Ohio where it was delivered by sf-express a week ago?


@Dallas.Hao You are evading the answer. The headsets have been in the UK for 9 days now. They have been here longer than they spent travelling from China.

Please explain WHY they are not yet at the UK warehouse. Surely they would have been delivered directly to the UK warehouse by SF Express and if not, why not?


I have a sneaking suspicion that they have given our headsets to “friends” as Dallas just said and now are waiting for a new batch to arrive from China.


Sometimes tracking does not get updated until it reaches a warehouse or even your home.
I don’t think there is much Dallas can do about it.
i’m in London and had few bad delivery experiences in the past.
Delivery system is pretty…bad i would say