Ask Pimax anything about the KS delivery


@Jean-Mehdi That is simply not the case. If you scroll up this conversation, you will see the attachment I posted showing the tracking status of the delivery… it was definitely delivered on the 20th. The thing Dallas can do is to not evade the question I asked and explain what has happened to our headsets since arrival in the UK. If it has been delivered to an intermediary then they should just tell us. All we need is some certainty.


especially when the batch before did not spend one week in “nirvana”. Actually they used to be forwarded the next day.
Why does this time the uk warehouse need so long to forward the parcels?
Maybe “Black Friday Overload”?


Perhaps they should not put Pimax on the delivery label :joy:
Its not funny sorry…i ll be in the same boat soon…


Yep & or customs not always quick. Just shipped a package to a family member in Canada. Usually arrives in 3 to 6 days due to postal issues its still in limbo 2weeks later.


I am one of the US backers that got a SF Express tracking number on the 14th, from the shipping tracker it looked like it entered the US and passed customs before moving out to Pennsylvania and arriving in Cleveland OH last Friday. No additional info since then, I was hoping to get a new tracking number or have it show up this week (Ohio should be a 3 day delivery for standard packages to me). Keeping my fingers crossed it arrives today or tomorrow, but also wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t show up for weeks because it is still sitting on a pallet waiting to be unpacked and shipped out…


I’m in the same situation.

I have been waiting for that second follow-up number since the 20th.

The pimax and its logistics of delivery without simply regrettable.

It arrived in the UK on the 20th and we still don’t have the information to know when it will be delivered?

I find it impossible for pimax to keep its promise. To deliver the quantity announced by the before Christmas.

Please clarify what happens to the lot shipped on November 14th.

Thank you


I’m probably a good 4 hour drive from Yorkshire but if I’d have had the chance I’d have happily drove to collect it and had another 8 days use out of it by now :joy:


Can you point out where the tracking shows that the shipment arrived in the UK - same goes for @DaveBoulden?


Really??? What exactly do you think they mean by “Delivered. Thankyou for using SF Express. Looking forward to serving you again” on a package that is going from Shanghai to West Yorkshire?


Its been a few years or I would have some tracking emails to show, but I have had SF/EMS shipments from China and Hong Kong where they state “delivered” once the package is in the hands of the airline. After that its in the hands of either the airline or the UK courier company, but does not mean its arrived in the UK, just that SF/EMS have completed their part of the shipment.

Mostly I used to import airsoft guns and other “tactical” gear and for the first couple of times I was also like a cat on a hot tin roof wondering where stuff was. Usually any “black holes” in tracking were either on a plane/boat, or more likely being held in the UK, which due to the nature of some of the items I was importing took 3-6 weeks to clear and then make it into the hands of Parcelforce, DPD et al.


I’ve said this before, I’d suggest totally ignoring the SF delivery thing… its a load of bollocks and will make you crazy when the information is next to useless. Pimax should stop giving this out and just say initial delivery to warehouse will be 10-20 days approx and you will get tracking once ready to ship from there, and stop all this confusion which is totally understandable when people are told something is ‘delivered’.


Same thing, arrived 20th to UK and since then no news.



None of those say “entered the UK” or “at a location in the UK”.

A couple of decades ago being in Hong Kong would have been the UK, but it hasn’t been that way for a while :wink:


@Mr_Teatime Fair enough, I can see how that is also a possibility. Either way, we just have to wait and see what happens. If it actually hasn’t been delivered yet then it has taken quite a bit longer than the first batch that went via SF Express to the UK.


So you think this guy received his headset from the first batch? Its dated 27 November.


I would guess it was an ebay buy of a headset. Still sad state that they dont use a real shipping company. People had to pay for shipping but taking a month to arrive is beyond wrong.


Yes true - its a waiting game - I’m also in the same group FYI, so not a case of schadenfreude.

I suspect Pimax have tried a couple of shipping methods a. to try and calm the forums/negative publicity and b. mitigate any impact of having to pick up the tab for import duties.

Another consideration is the greater delay that will be experienced if the shipment has gone by sea/land and this is possible, as most air freight comes into the UK via LHR and normally ends up in Leicester, where the main import customs clearing centre is/was located.


The real shipping company would let you pay additional customs, isnt? Im not happy with paying another 200$ per item. If it takes a month to deliver with a bisycle - fine then! :smiley:


Yes - Dallas.Hao confirmed this was a first batch HMD above.