Ask Pimax anything about the KS delivery


Ah, then you have right, they might be all still on the way to UK.


I’m still confused about this though as he says it arrived this week after 6 days shipping and a 5 day wait once it hit the UK. The syncs up perfectly with our current batch and is a month behind all the other 1st batch deliveries. It does seem strange he won’t give specifics though. He talks about Pimax delivery as if it’s come from them but won’t say who the UK carrier was or what backer number he was.

His quote “It took about 6 delivery days to the UK then about 5 days stuck in customs. Sadly Pimax can deal with many things, but not the UK customs border :slight_smile: Sure it’ll get easier though.”

I wonder if he got it early/a separate shipment as a dev? Still odd how his took 11 days though.


I find it frustrating that the last batch took 9-10 days to arrive, and this lot has taken 16 days and counting. But I’m trying to be patient. As another poster said, I’d rather save the money on VAT and duty that’d come from having it sent directly, that’s for sure!


I really wonder, what happened in england.
Since ten days our Pimax VRs arrived in West Yorkshire and since then nothing more happened:

Shanghai WestYorkshire
2018-11-20 19:07 Delivered. Thank you for using SF Express. Looking forward to serving you again

Can anybody from Pimax explain the status of our delivery?

P.S: I´m Backer #237!


Dear Pimax,

First, thanks for being here innovating in this VR market.

I don’t blame you on slow rates in ramping up production. There are jobs and people involved, and their sustainability and wellfare are important to me.

I understand you’re a commercial company, not a philantropic one, and you want to make profit, that’s ok.

It’s ok too to take time in order to conduct a good quality control to avoid RMA in series and bad image as a company.

However, you have subcontracted the shipping.

As a Backer, I paid 47$ in shipping (french guy here). If all 5500 backers paid let say 45$ for shipping products, it is nearly a 250 000$ fund you received dedicated only in shipping.

I acknowledge too the customs issues your products may have through different ways of shipping.

I already made my mind that i won’t have mine this year. So no disappointement and then, happiness :grinning:.

But please, make a deal with a good -that means fast and safe- subcontractor for shipping your batches. It is a 250k$+ contract after all !!!


Just had one of my Chinese business partners call SF Express and ask about the shipment with tracking number: 080048144255 (UK delivery). They confirmed that the shipment had cleared UK customs and had been successfully delivered to its final destination on the 20th of November.

We should now be able to end all speculation that the shipment has not arrived in the UK and I think we all deserve an explanation from Pimax why nothing has happened in 10 days.

We paid a lot in shipping (I had to pay $80 to my country which is not in the EU so I will have to pay taxes anyways) and it is totally unacceptable that Pimax has chosen to use some cheap shipping distributor that can not do anything in 10 days!


Well I am waiting for :canada: post to deliver a package thst normally takes 3 to 6. Just over 2weeks atm.


Well that’s put the cat amongst the pigeons!


What courier was it for you backer set? Or is it going to be different for other backers because you were a M1 tester?


Not sure if different now. Mine was Sent through China post(CN).

With batch shipments maybe different if there sending to warehouse nodes.


Based on what others were saying, sounds like it will be different now. I guess I should not expect a 8-day delivery time lol


Thank you for confirming this. That’s a little bit alarming. I was expecting an 8-10 day delivery time based upon the last batch delivered to the UK, so clearly something has gone wrong. An update from Pimax would be greatly appreciated, especially since they said they’d go out this week, and it’s now Friday night.


Same here in the US. Our shipment arrived last Friday at the destination warehouse and has sat since then with no movement.


Actually, we have no idea if there was movement, heck for all we know that ‘shipment’ could have been an empty shoebox that we all got the same tracking number for (and was never going to be sent on too us in the 1st place). Or, maybe, they got shipped already and none of us got a tracking # and they’ll start arriving tomorrow. Or, its somewhere in between those two possibilities. Who knows!? It would be nice if the company (Pimax) could call the shipping agent here in the states and find out the status and let us know, however, they seem to be having bigger problems right now so I doubt that is going to happen.


Or neither… as a former backer I am just an interested observer. In 6mo to a year from now the system will be everywhere, and probably many others to choose from as well. No reason to feel negative about it, on top of that many backers (this was me) sold because we had to. For me by Basset hound needed surgery so I sold my pledge to pay for this, my best pal is here curled up next to me as I write this and doing very well… no regrets here. Im still excited for the product and cannot wait for more reviews next year


How did you find this out? How can we look at this? Thanks.


Just by using the tracking number from SF Express that pimax sent to me


haha I’m referring more to the salty former-backers. Glad your hound is doing well.


It may say delivered, but for all we know the shipment got delivered to the wrong address or got stolen. Its sf-express after all.


Actually, looking at the packaging pictures that got posted, I’m wondering if they just send the headsets by themselves in bulk and then repackage them again with all the accessories once they arrive at their destination. That would certainly save on costs and would explain why the delivered headsets have been sitting in the warehouse for so long.