Ask Pimax anything about the KS delivery



Now it’s been confirmed they arrived in the UK on the 20th and have had 11 more days to get to your UK warehouse do you know if we’ll be receiving second tracking on Monday? What delivery service are you using from SF drop-off to your UK warehouse? Because it’s taken twice as long from UK location to UK location as it did from China to Uk and that just seems odd. Fingers crossed for Monday.


The US backers would also like to know who the final delivery service will be (US Postal Service, UPS, Fed Ex etc.). Also, perhaps more importantly, we’d like to know when the 2nd batch of units will be packaged up from the facility in Cleveland Ohio and sent to us, so we know when to expect the packages.



Pimax Simply pitiful!
No information on our second issue since the 20th


Yup. Wait for this week’s news and if they don’t arrive in UK they weren’t in the country on the 20th Nov anyway or they were, and all went to business pre orders.

Personally I think they’ll arrive this week and we’ll have more happy KS backers posting here.


The fact that the 3rd batch still haven’t gotten their tracking numbers and that Pimax is keeping silent makes me think the 2nd batch was lost or stolen. If that where the case, they will have to send another set of headsets to the people in the 2nd batch.Which will mostly likely be from the 3rd batch. And since they are dead set on using sf-express ,those headsets probably wont make it to the 2nd batch of backers until after New Years. So not only will the 3rd batch backers be screwed over but that means they would have only delivered 75 headsets by the end of the year.


I hiiiighly doubt that the batch was stolen. On another note though a shipment i had was marked as delivered 1 day before it actually did arrive. So yea can’t really trust the tracking sites :frowning:


My backer number is about 2,500. When I can expect to receive mine.? I was hoping before Christmas but this seems doubtful. Forum is confusing. No idea where the latest updates are posted…


Or holded by custom office. All this transit is a bit shady to me :slight_smile:


An honest word from Pimax would be appropriate!
Why is the delivery so extremely delayed?
My 5k + arrived at 20.11.18 in England.
Since then I wait for the second tracking number (as many others from the second batch).

Are there any problems with the customs?
Were the items stolen?
I ask for an update for all concerned backers!


@Pimax-Support. @Dallas.Hao
All of that second batch in the same situation.

We will see if pimax clarifies something today and we can advance something with the delivery.

Because it is really frustrating waiting all these days to receive the second number


@Pimax-Support @Dallas.Hao i’m Backer 15XX and didn’t receive my email.

Is it possible you have a wrong email? How can I check it?


+1, what is the real status of these shipments to USA and UK? We are all quite anxious, impatient, worried why there hasn’t been any new info for a couple weeks since they arrived and passsed customs…


I sold my Vive Pro many weeks ago, after Pimax promised to deliver nearly all backer till christmas. So I expected my delivery shortly (#237)!
Now I´m very happy that my “black friday” Smasung Odyssey + arrieved today. Finally I can play Elite Dangerous & Co. :smiley:


let us know what you think about the samsung odysseyplus please…


Let us know what you think of Elite Dangerous? How is the Star field?


@Yata_PL -->Or that they were’nt really shipped at all!
I’m backer 384 and recieved my email from pimax that they will be shipping but I never even got a tracking number and this was more than a month ago! I am based in canada
Something smells fishy!..


Backer 2500 you mean xmas this year? forget it!!! … maybe xmas 2019!
I can’t believe Pimax are taking pre-orders when they can’t even keep up with the backers and lying to them!!


#384 is 3rd Batch ( I’m in) but my post was refering to 2nd Batch - thouse ppl still waiting for local tracking numbers.


Wait is Pimax actually responding to this thread? Or are they continuing to ignore the people who gave them millions of dollars?

What is the status on Batch # 2?

@Pimax-Support. @Dallas.Hao


This surprised me as well, because pre orders can do things like… issue a charge back or cancellation for refund if things get delayed, it will then put pressure on PImax to put them first in line IF things do not start moving more smoothly, I guess they are betting on getting things ironed out soon.

I still want to eventually get a wide FOV headset, but I think I will be doing myself a favor by waiting until they are on Amazon or another reputable carrier. So very confused by what is going on. I was hoping they would be ready for normal sales Around April… We can still hope