Ask Pimax anything about the KS delivery


Not sure if you just missed the topic , but pimax did make an update. Apparently the tracking company they used gave false updates on their tracking page. US shipment is still on its way to the warehouse. UK should get their second tracking number tomorrow.


" Apparently the tracking company they used gave false updates on their tracking page. "

I don’t think we saw anything so definitive. That tracking number given to all of us may have simply been an empty box of styrofoam peanuts intended to keep us all quiet for a couple weeks while they tried to actually build and ship the real units.



Canada Post is so back logged from the strike. Packages even if sitting in Canada, will take into the New Year to be delivered apparently.


Can you PLEASE give the 2nd patch new tracking numbers? The one you gave us says the package has already been delivered to the warehouse.



The UK warehouse is arranging the delivery and we will release the tracking information after we receive.It take some time to receive and release


According to your information yesterday.

UK warehouses should send the second tracking number yesterday or today.

Yesterday they didn’t send it, today should be.


The SO + is fitting not as perfect as the Vive with Deluxe Audiostrap or the Vive Pro, but it’s light and comfortable.
The speakers & the micro are good.
There is really a lot of light from below in the glasses. At least with me.
But this has the advantage that you can see the keyboard well when needed.
The black levels are great!
Godrays are extremely minimal, so virtually nonexistent.
The FoV appears to be bigger than the Vive Pro.
The sweetspot is quite small. You have to adjust the SO + a bit to have the optimal position.
The picture is qualitatively on the level of the Vive Pro and without SDE. You can almost no longer see the pixels. The edge looks a little greasy but not pixelated.
With my 2080 I did not notice any performance problems in my short test (VR high in Elite Dangerous and 200 in SteamVR).
Skyrim was also great, too.

The tracking of the controllers is working very good. Also the inside out tracking of the headset ist perfect.
I have to get only a cable extensions, because they were to short for my setting.

Of course, the FoV is noticeably smaller than the Pimax but it seems to be greater than the FoV from the Vive.
The glasses are very suitable for ED (perfect backlevel!) and seems to be just as suitable for roomcaling games.
I do not regret the purchase & would say that I will not give up on the arrival of the Pimax …
The trend is for the second VR :laughing:


Yeah , it seems to be good and immersive device for Elite Dangerous. Probably better option than 5k+, at least right now cos of black level and colour banding. Let us know latter which HMD you prefer just for ED.

Edit: regarding FOV vs Vive Pro, I read somewhere that you sold your Vive Pro, so did not do a direct comparison between HMD’s , and you opinion is based your memory ?


BS your tracking shows it arrived in the US quite awhile ago.

The Pimax VR headset 8K/5K Plus Series that you pledged has been shipped from China to our US warehouse. The first carrier is SF EXPRESS and the tracking number is 080048145269, you can track it at


So SF have been lying to everyone who has contacted them but they told Pimax the truth who have now passed it onto us?


Good point, based on the previous history in this KS I know who my money is on lying…


I was actually thinking this too! Tracking number provided, but not weight or quantity provided on, could of been a box of business cards for all we know. .

I am though giving Pimax a little more time though, because, they somehow picked a Chinese company more fishy than them, AKA sf-express. Take some time and read their review for the last couple of years, it makes for a good laugh.


Some pretty brutal discussion going on over at r/Pimax about this all being a scam because the headsets are too expensive to produce. Really hope they are not correct on this, but the fact that they have not delivered any more headsets in over a month is very concerning.


Food for thought & validity.

New info says on SF express just delivered on Nov 23

General census is SF is not reccommended as being reliable.


Well with the reviews on SF Express they are likely in the dark somewhat themselves trying to get answers.


If they were don’t think anyone would have received them. Lol


@Pimax-Support What are you plans for non-EU Europe?
The current plan to ship from the UK will cost Norwegian backers 25% customs duty.


That’s not new info. Every US backer in batch #2 has known that since Nov 23rd.

Perhaps that’s why I’m saying WTF?


SF-express might cheat on the tracking to make them appear faster. Just saying.

I’m 90% sure it was SF-express when i ordered something from aliexpress and the parcel had SUPPOSEDLY magically landed in my country just in a few days though the reality is 2 weeks or so.