Ask Pimax anything about the KS delivery


Well read up on SF Express reviews say they are unreliable.

When they used CN post folks complained about it. But in my xp & those who have received their headsets it worked.

Though German post shows why maybe drinking at lunchtime is not always a good thing. As one backer luckily found his headset in the compost box.


There is an interesting review of a fellow living in China & moved within China & had all sorts of problems with them.


Yes, Pimax, don’t do business with SF-express please.


SF express is actually the best right now for domestic shipping in China. Half of the China you can get 1 day shipping with them. Imaging one day shipping from Vancouver to Toronto cost only 2 dollars.


It would be good for sure.

Granted this review is old but 7 years ago in China SF Express had a bad rap.

Otherwise any reviews involving shipping outside China is low with lots of complaints. Glassdoor a site for reviews on working for the company are not good either.


I think the outrage is well deserved. They decided to go with sf-express even though multiple people told them repeatedly that their serves is atrocious. Now its on Pimax to fix the issue.


ePacket has always been good for me for shipments coming to Canada. My shipments take about 2 weeks that way. Granted I’ve never ordered anything worth more then $100 but I haven’t been hit with duty or taxes.

When using China Post I’ve waited up to 3 months.


No ppl said CN Post was bad from first batch which was better.


Haven’t has that experience directly frim CN Post. But DX.Com has taken long times on shipping as have waited 6 to 8 weeks after site said ships 2 to 10 days. But with still shop there & now usually good. They offer free shipping.


Does anyone know what shipping method will be used for pre orders?


Got my DPD number this morning, backer 118 its on its way to Spain.


If, as I suspect you’re in the UK @NickDBaker - my 8K was delivered by DPD this morning.


wow it’s december and Pimax are only just shipping to backer 118 out of 6000!?!
I guess that shipping graph forecast they sent out was complete B.S


They send about 400 pieces by now.

And have over 1000 build.


I’m backer 384 and still no shipping/tracking email


Send support desk an email & check you spam folder.


I’m backer 248 and haven’t seen a shipping/tracking email either. But IIRC, shipping details for the batch you an I are in haven’t been sent yet but the logistics company is in possession of the HMDs.


So it being December 6th, taking a wild guess, maybe up to 500 KS backers, will have physically received their headsets by December 31st?

Or is that being too optimistic?


Way too optimistic. I don’t think anyone from the 3rd batch will get theirs before the end of the year.


How dare you! The 2nd batch took 21 days for the uk people to get theirs. So assuming it is true the 3rd was sent on the 28th of november. Then the first will start gettings theirs just before christmas. Of course because the chance for a misshap has bad as the 2nd is lower. I think that the 3rd will hopefully see us get tracking numbers next week :slight_smile:

3rd has travelled for 8 days now.