Ask Pimax anything about the KS delivery


Pimax: You are showing 780 units in the warehouse, but are only shipping low numbers like 68 units. Why?


My understanding is the following,
Yes its been a big gap between first and second batch but was due to faulty casing or shortage (something for the style) and also few issue on some backers headset so they have to run a quality control on every headset before shipping.
We can add to that the fact that they are change delivery method so in my opinion we will see many backers getting there headsets in next two weeks, assuming they keep up with production/test and shipping around 150 every two or three days.


Their going to have the same problem as with the 2nd batch, only this time their excuse will be Christmas. It was 21 days from the time backers got the tracking number not when they “Shipped”. No one in the 3rd batch has gotten their tracking number yet. Like I said, looking at the last 2 batches its very optimistic that anyone from the 3rd batch will get it before the end of the year. I’m in the 2nd batch and I’m not even sure if I’ll be gotten it before then. And them saying that it will be faster means nothing, they said the same thing about the 2nd batch.


I recall Dallas specificially said they would avoid giving this first tracking number because of the mess it caused by not matching with reality.


If it’s any consolation to those people still waiting, I can say that I got mine today and it’s considerably better than I’d expected. I didn’t notice any of this distortion or anything like that, and while I’ve had a few teething problems, I can say it was worth the wait, including the last two weeks of frustration. Fingers crossed the next batch or two get to people before Christmas.


Which headset did you get ?


I got the 5K+. Whilst I haven’t used an 8K, I don’t regret my choice.


#12X here and still forlorn in the darkness :frowning:


What teething problems did you have?


4th batch with new delivery logistic might come before 3rd batch . I hope so becouse I’m in based my calculation :slight_smile:


Nothing too serious - for some reason it seems to have slowed down after having installed SteamVR, so I now have to play in Normal FOV instead of Large (I only have a GTX 980). Also, I can’t get Project Cars 3 to work, it renders a view in each eye which doesn’t match, so it’s unplayable. The headset also mists up a little too easily, and it’s tiny bit too close to my eyes. Apart from that - it’s very, very impressive.


I think there a setting in pitool to fix the display im sure someone knows.



If Parallel Projections is Off try turning it on.

If On in Project Cars 3 try Small FoV if Normal & Large not working. Though this title might be too demanding


still didnt get my headset form 2nd batch. backer 215. hope it will come today. tracking didn’t change since saturday morning :frowning: yesterday was my birthday


Happy :birthday: belated. :beers::older_man::+1::sparkles:


backer 384 here and happy to say I finally just got my tracking number!
Whats even more surprising is that it states it will arrive in 2 days. How is china to canada possible in 2 days ?


They only send a tracking number once it has arrived at the local warehouse not when it leaves China.


Seems they are maybe taking note and no longer giving the useless first stage shipping tracking number out to people anymore, which is for the best imo! So you’ve most likely got the 2nd part which is local(ish) distribution direct to you.


Thanks guys for the info–Wahooo!!
It’ll be a great xmas after all as I had lost hope for my pimax5K+ to arrive by then!!


Congrats… I have a lower backer number and haven’t gotten a thing yet!!!