Ask Pimax anything about the KS delivery


Well, 216 for commercial partners, 14 for backers - now we know the ratio, we can calculate the further batch sizes… :joy: :wink:


Luckily, it is not Pimax, who hauls the shipments over the world, but their “logistics partner”. I hope that the logistic partner is well aware of Brexit and its impact on its operation, so they are hopefully having backup solutions ready.


Are you saying that if pimax was the shipping company, we’d be screwed :smirk:


Backer 29 - still no shipping mail :frowning:


Only 14 sent and no confirmation of shipping! This is pretty disappointing


True, but at least the shipping is occurring. Not every Kickstarter reaches this stage.


I just don’t get you lot… Seriously! All I hear is ‘no communication’, ‘release the HMDs already’, ‘I don’t care if there finished I want it now’.

And when you do finally get notification that they started shipping, you all bloody complain about it!

So they said it’s only 14. And they are using a company they have never used before to ship them. Do you not think that caution where another 3rd party shipping company is now in play to test the delivery waters before sending hundreds of HMDs which equates to a hefty amount of money here!

Can’t you all just be pleased that they are now actually sending them to backers… I am positive once the shipping company proves themselves then they will ramp up with larger batches. Only a mad man would send a huge batch using a company they haven’t used before…

Just chill out ffs.


I get your sentiment but to be fair to those annoyed… Pimax told everyone they were shipped, then told everyone 100 would be shipped last week, then told everyone they only completed making and shipped around 40, and now told everyone they shipped 14 today…

So people are going to be fed up with constant bad information.


Maybe you should read their statement again… They said they had prepared DOZENS of units before the Chinese holiday and sent them to the logistics shipping company, and today is the 1st day the logistics sent them to backers, and they sent 14. That does not say that is all that pimax sent to them does it! It is how many have been track and traced so far, but 14 is defiantly not dozens, so from that I think that it is the logistics company that didn’t send the full batch pimax sent to them.

I’m just glad that they are finally moving out the door!



I know what pimax said. They told us they were sending them end of sept, fine that slipped a bit and their kickstarter statement at the start of their holiday said they were sending backers 1 - 100 during the holiday! when they made that statement we since found out they knew they only made around 40 and no more could be made until after.

Before the holiday, the factory only manages to finish ~40 PCS headsets package and shipped to the international logistics agency. then the agency will distribute the headset individually.


Hmm… Maybe I interpreted that post from pimax wrongly!? I though they meant between 1-100 not the 1st 100?

@Pimax-Support @xunshu

Can you please clarify exactly how many units have been sent to logistics shipping, we know that 14 have been sent by them but how many have you sent to them to forward on?


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They said all:

Maybe it was badly worded but considering they knew then they only made around 40 I can understand why people are a bit confused by the conflicting info.


So are they 100% sure 90% of backers will receive their by Christmas?


i think its meant to be … 90% sure all backers will get their headsets by christmas?



the other way around! I’m 90% sure it is… :stuck_out_tongue:


Future behaviour is best predicted by past behaviour.

Pimax generally don’t even have a scrap of accuracy in any statement about time lines ever.


Yea, their timelines seem to always be the absolute best case scenario.


Until at least March I believe, and then maybe slightly extended due to last minute negotiations.


Exactly, you’d expect there to be backlog just after a week-long holiday. Stuff sent over during that holiday probably has to wait. If the other 86 headsets get processed in the next few couple of days where’s the crisis? I’m more concerned about how the next batch now. How soon and how big?