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Dear all, we are trying to deliver the units for the first batch of backers and will update logistics information every few days. Please be patient and appreciate for your understanding.


How many units do you currently have ready to deliver? 100?


As a backer, I am satisfied that we are moving onto the shipping stage of the kickstarter.

“the emperor is not worried, but his eunuchs are worried to death”

the chinese saying best describe whats going on here,


We have sent dozens of headsets to the logistics company and they will give us the tracking numbers later. Please be advised. Have a nice day!


It would really help if you could just give your best estimate for a production timeline. This will also help people considering preorders to make a decision

Oct /100
Nov / 600
Dec / 800

Just a simple timetable to what you believe is possible



The workers produced ~70PCS headsets before Holiday. but unfortunately, only 36PCS headsets are finished testing and package before the factory shut down. Now, the factory is open again. the workers continue to fulfill the rest production and shipment processes.

Regarding the ramp-up plan, currently, we have one production line, and the capacity is 30-50PCS/day. the full capacity for one production line is 100PCS/day.

We will set up another two lines according to the plan;
The target is

  1. Line 1 reaches its full capacity at the end of October with 100PCS/day
  2. Line 1 and Line 2 reach full capacity at the end of November with 200PCS/day
  3. Line 1, Line 2 and Line3 reach full capacity at the end of December with 300PCS/day

Current the bottleneck of production capacity is the shortage of several parts from our vendors. as you know, in the early stage of the mass production, our vendors they also need ramp-up and get the stable yield rate.

we’re working together with our key vendors, helping them to improve the yield rate quickly.
No high yield rate, No high capacity.

But the 300PCS/day is not a big challenge for the whole supply chain when the yield rate gets stable. For the smartphone industry, they usually request the capacity of 5000PCS-10000PCS/day.

Production Plan EXPLAINED
Production and delivery

Shortage of several parts ? I thought that was solved months ago.


Many thanks for the clarification.



The description might not so precise.
The shortage of qualified parts. not the shortage of parts.
For example, you placed an order (200PCS) to the vendor. Then the Vendor produces 220PCS of the part with a margin. Due to the higher quality requirement and low yield rate at an early stage. There are only ~80PCS parts are accepted by us, ~140PCS doesn’t pass the IQC criterion. When the parts go to the production line, might lose another 10PCS due to the yield rate of the headset assembly. So the whole process yield rate improvement is much important for the ramp-up. every parts’ yield rate need pass 90%.


good to see you are focusing on QA for internal parts as well then :slight_smile:


When will preorder be available?


Thanks. More feedback like this please Pimax! some transparency has been very long overdue and many people will respect that more than marketing fluff!


Wow thanks for the prompt response. So it looks like you guys will get the units out before Christmas. That’s fantastic news for everyone.


Many thanks for the detailed responses, we all appreciate it @PimaxVR

Now lets just calm down boys, and let Pimax do their job :slight_smile:


I guess it’s time to start thinking about selling my rift and start looking for a cheap second hand vive .


Woohoo we got answers and fresh information, keep it like that @PimaxVR :sparkling_heart:


LOL, they are 100% sure to ship 90 headsets before christmas ^^


Now just tell us the parts supplier name, so we can go rampaging on their forum as well



I do not understand what you’re saying
you announced a production of 230 units at the end of July
and announced to have increased production to 700 unit see 2000.
Pimax said he would send 100 unit at the end of September.
and now in ocotober you proudly announced having sent 14.

it’s a joke or what?

after all these multiple reports, failure, false announcement, again you do not tell the truth.

how believe you today.
I’m close to selling my unit
I really feel like you don’t take seriously your backers

i m very angry, backers are not respect