Ask Pimax anything about the KS delivery


I think we all tend to forget that Pimax‘ reporting generally is assuming best case scenario‘s, and one/they rarely hit the best case scenario.

That will explain why the numbers for the past don‘t add up - and why the projection they just shared for the ramp up will very likely not happen as described either, but will be slower/with less yield.

Understanding the impatience, I am currently more interested in seeing the first backers report a good standard of quality across the deliveries to prove that the mass production works as intended with a functioning QA. But it does seem likely at this point that the delivery announcement of 90% likelihood that 90% of backers have their headset being shipped from Pimax before Xmas will not be achieved. I would expect something around 60%.


I’m honestly really happy that their making sure every part they get are of the highest standard before they ship them. Yes right now it sucks that they aren’t producing as many as they would like, But I’d rather have that then later on get a headset that has something wrong with it. If they don’t push the factories to have a higher standers now, by the time they start much larger quantities their will be a higher chance of defective headsets.


It would be a bit slow in the very beginning, especially when we have to reserve many of the early units for testing. We are working hard to ramp up the production.


Thus, it should now be time to ask the next batch of backers by email for the desired VR.
Otherwise, the workers produce glasses that may not be delivered at all.

So when do we expect your next email (backer 237 ist asking!)?


Christmas will be celebrated when 90% of the backers get 100% of their headsets


This doesn’t make sense? At the current rate they say they are making 50 units a day so they should have hundreds already made not just 70. Am I missing something?

If the production rate is correct the problem seems to be with testing the units.

Anyway I glad Pimax have replied and given us some more details. I don’t mind delays as long as we know the current situation :slightly_smiling_face:


Yes exactly, we need info whether it’s good or bad. But they’ve given us a lot of numbers lately… 230, 100, 30-50, 70, 40, 14, 100-300, a dozen… so thats a bit baffling :thinking::weary:
Better just wait and trust them and let them do their job I guess.


even if they just do 100/Day in the november month then 3000 backer will get it by the end of november, the number is even higher than that, am I missing something?


This is good news. I fully expect them to miss their targets since they allways seem a bit lofty. We are in the production ramp up phase though. That alone is very good.


Production rate is not the same as the rate in which they actually have components to make headsets it’s also not the same as the rate that they are being shipped at.


I thought at first that you posted a song lyrics




So you can tell me please the size of the screens for the 5K+ and the 8K?

Several requests over several threads over several weeks and no reply yet.


with “several parts” do you mean displays? So that having 50% of 5K+ and 50% of 8K would be the optimal scenario for you (and for us too)?


I’m assuming the screens and circuit board is what qc has rigorous standards with.


Does this mean those devs won’t get early units either?


I’m afraid to say anything bad to Pimax, they got my money. Not that I don’t want to… quite often …
But then xunshu comes with a tidbit of information and everything is cool for a while. Am I being too honest?
E. Fixed misspelling (probably)


As these are now shipping, do you backers have any kind of warranty on this KickStarter project?

If it is anything like TV’s which can be a lottery getting a good one it raises a few questions like dead pixel policy, where to return it etc


There is zero official warranty, we haven’t actually purchased anything. We kickstarted a company and we get an incentive back for doing that. There is no legal obligation on if they give you anything, and if that thing works or not.

We can only hope and assume they will honour our rewards with the same level of support as if purchased retail, if only to maintain good rep.


This should be fairly easy to prove. I’m sure if there’s 200 units already out there with business clients then somebody will eventually spot one and report back here.


There was somewhat of a discussion about warranty i could find: About product warranty

In short it is 1 year warranty, but they said in that thread discussions where still ongoing about it.