Ask Pimax anything about the KS delivery


Dear all, it’s 22:45 Chinese time. The latest news from the logistics partners is that 30 VR headsets have been sent from mainland China. There are 2 in Brazil, 11 in the United States, 1 in Canada, 1 in Russia, 11 in Europe, 1 in Japan, 2 in the United Kingdom, and 1 in Hong Kong, China. The logistics partner will give us the tracking number tomorrow and we will notify the 30 backers via email. Please be advised.


Thanks for the Info @Pimax-Support :wink:


Yet another thread that was actually quite informative derailed by the usual suspects.

I blame the feeders as much as the trolls tbh.


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I’m in the process of doing an update, but it isn’t ready yet.


The transparency here is great. It’s cool seeing these updates. I guess people forgot how both the Rift (and Touch) and Vive were delayed last minute with not much transparency at all. I have a feeling most of the complainers are very late backers, and that’s their own fault.


From what I can tell the backers aren’t really the ones complaining. It’s mostly the non-backers that are complaining.


That raises some questions, like, are the 30 pieces on top of the 14 pieces sent earlier or total…
If its on top of the 14, it means the manufacturing rate has more than doubled already! :grin:


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Backers are just relieved headsets are being shipped. This speed is better than no movement.

Former backers are probably either
A) happy for any sign of failure as evidence for their choice to sell being smart
B) frustrated that it will take longer for them to even enter the preorder queue for a retail headset.


I like the potential production numbers.
At the end of Oct they could be at 3000 for Nov production on 2 lines and Dec they could be at 6000 for 3 lines. Even if they only got 2 lines running for Nov and Dec they could produce all the KS, so there is hope for Christmas even for a bottom feeder like me. That said, I am fine with whatever it takes to do it right and if I slip into 2019, it will give me that much more time to say goodbye to Rift as I am sure I will not be able to go back, once my Pimax arrives.
After over 2 years with Touch, I am not a big fan of Vive wands, the closer I can get to Knuckles being available the better.


It it helped Pimax to ramp-up the headset production and gave the workers in the factory a healthy portion of enthusiasm.


Read further and it says:

The logistics partner will give us the tracking number tomorrow and we will notify the 30 backers via email. Please be advised.

So i would assume that is 30 ontop of the 14. Hurray :slight_smile:



1st batch of 100 takes, what 2 months. It’s not 100 but 70…but only 30 are sent.

We are currently at 30-50 a day. What?

The reason mass production is not mass at all is we don’t have the parts.

The reason we hadn’t began mass production when we did a big announcement that we had begun mass production was what we really meant was we had all the parts for mass production ready in the factory so there will be no delays.

And the majority cheer about the excellent information and want to chastise anyone who would dare suggest that this information shouldn’t be relied upon at all. It’s embarrassing being human.

And I’m still a backer and I think the 5k+ is a good product and I can’t wait to get it…but none of that makes what Pimax say true.


It could be that, it could be something else. Tuning production line take time. But it is not like Pimax assembling their HMD in garage, they have access to modern production facilities. It complicated stuff, and it will be done, when it will be done.


That’s not the full story. They have already explained in a bit more detail the fact they are getting parts but QA is dropping a high proportion of unsuitable parts. And just like they are bringing their production lines into effect, so are suppliers of other custom bits.

Its not like they have thousands of parts sat around for months waiting to just put them together, just as suppliers wont have stock sat around waiting to ship to pimax. Its a supply chain which has just started.


I have criticized pimax as well, but ain’t nobody calling me a troll.

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