Ask Pimax anything about the KS delivery


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hey at least the controllers would be ready by then, they could put them in one box.

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I am backer 6621 will I receive my headset before Christmas ?

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I’m backer 82 will I receive my headset before Christmas? :slight_smile:


no, Pimax have already stated during multiple interviews that backer 82 won’t receive anything.


Pimax did say in Berlin they plan to have supplied HMD’s to all backers by xmas. However, it is a slow start and so to be seen how quickly they can ramp up and if all goes to plan during the next few weeks…


They also said that Backer #6621 will receive backer unit #6 (whoever that is) due to a severe rounding error discovered in their database.


NOOOOOoooooo!!! 20202020


This is the latest’s update on production

3000 units p/m by end of Nov
6200 units p/m by end of Dec
9300 units p/m by end of Jan

Total 18,500 units by end of January

Sounds like fantasy but I hope they pull it off :beer:


handtracking module will be delivered same time as my pimax? backer 1089

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I assume that is when all needed parts keep coming in at a constant rate?


Does Pimax have any comment on the fact that two backers around the 70 range (one USA, one Spain) have received tracking numbers, when several backers around the 30-40 range have not received any tracking numbers?


The last update said they were waiting for the next batch of tracking numbers from the logistics firm. So it’s likely the packages are being processed from the shipping company & sending pimax tracking numbers.

My guess is they packaged them onto a skid in order. Meaning low numbers are on the bottom & would be processed last.


That is… an interesting reason, and sounds about right. What is a skid, may I ask?


Also called a Pallet. Platform(often wood) for materials to be moved by a forklift or pallet jack.

Grocery stores in North America often have cubes of Bottled water for example on the floor on blue pallets.


It may also be because some people ordered 8K’s and others 5K+'s. I am backer 24 and only the 8K portion of my pledge has shipped, the 5K+'s I got in the same pledge still have not shipped.


Oh okay, I know what a pallet is, lol, just not heard the name skid.


Yeah different places have different slangs. :laughing: