Ask Pimax anything about the KS delivery


Don’t trust what you see on Trustpilot. Pretty much everything I have seen on there is given a bad rating.

People who complain are more likely to shout out, than those who would praise.

The rating for Parcelforce (Royal Mail) is the same as SF Express. And UPS, one of the big ones here (UK), has an even lower rating.

SF Express has done fine by me. They got the headset to London in quick time.


Thanks that’s good to know. Apparently they are the second biggest shipping service in China so they should be reliable.


Just have to keep in mind angry folk are louder than happy folk.


Ain’t that the truth! When you work with customers in any job, the more angry and louder the person, the quicker they get seen to. It isn’t great for the patient and pleasant people.


Bumped your user level up one. Welcome to pimax forums!


Isn´t the day nearly done in Asia?
@PimaxVR… I´m still hoping for update on production
Would be nice if you used the dedicadet thread to tell us the amount of HMDs you produce…
Thanks in advance


@xunshu we’d like to know what’s up with shipping, or are/have y’all been at a stand still?


I am sure i speak for 99% of the community by asking: “What is going on?”
We need some more communication, the quiet is not nice.


Hey Aesopfabed, Being I’m also from the south, I doubt @xunshu understood this question LOL!!


Hi, brexit shouldn’t affect deliveries, UK will have a 2 year transition period anyway.


I am backer #384, and I still have not recieved my tracking number or my pimax5K+.
Although I did get the email confirmation with my personal info that it will soon be shipped, but that was more than 3 weeks ago- it is now end of november?!?!
What is going on?


They have as of last week sent tracking to most upto around 230s for those choosing the 5k+
Whilst for 8k they are up to 317. I say most because they have skipped some…They will send more units this week, so there is a chance you are on it. If not. THen next week.


Thanks for that info jorgen I appreciate that!
At that rate I doubt if even a quarter of the backers get their pimax before xmas!
Progress is Sooooo slowwww


I’m backer 1 will I receive my headset for Christmas?


No from my understsnding backer no. 1 pledged $5 for info only. :beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles: :joy::joy::joy:


This is not decided yet. While I hope it will be like that I’m afraid the agreement will not pass in UK and there will be hard Brexit without any agreements.

Either way warehouse for EU customers should shift from UK to mainland to be future proof. But that is task for the logistic partner, not much Pimax can do about it. Though they promised to ship from EU warehouse (to EU customers) and soon UK warehouse will not be in EU.


the tracking says the headset arrived in UK 2 days ago. how long will it take to arrive at my house in germany? do we get second tracking nummber?


I really just need a track code.

Then i can return to my coffin and slumber.


When will you (@matthew.xu ) deliver the nexts HMDs? Am I included KS # 141 ?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Also, i am already scratching my muscles (they skin fell off) resisting the urge to buy the Odyssey+ at 299.

Why buy the Odyssey+ if i have a Pimax on the way ? RIGHT ? HYSTERICAL LAUGHTER