Assetto Corsa Optimization Thread



Hello Fellow Simracers,

I’m hoping we can use this thread as a baseline for tuning AC for the 5k+ (and 8k). In my limited testing last night on Spa with a full GT3 grid, I observed the following:

Setup: 9900k @5ghz. 2080ti, 16gb CL16 3600mhz with manually tweaked timings. SSD.

Initial feedback:

  • No lighthouses. Using built in tracking
  • PiTools at 1
  • Steam SS @ 130%
  • Rate set to 72hz
  • Disabling ALL PiTools features gave me the best performance and it hovered around 72fps but with some drops into the 60’s during a lot of action but it was not stuttering or jarring. The gameplay remained smooth
  • Enabling ALL tools gave me 30fps with a lot of drift and shimmering

Over the next day or so I’ll share my video settings so they can be referenced. I plan to do more 1 by 1 feature testing over the next few days to determine if any of the PiTools features actually provide a boost in this game or if we’re better off disabling it all.

Please feel free to share your feedback. My goal is to update the main post with a “master recommendations guide” based one everyone’s testing and feedback.


I don’t have lightboxes but there seems to be a fair amount of drift in the headset when sitting down and driving to where I sometimes have to recenter once a lap.

Is there a “best practices” for calibration without external sensors?


I have a 7700k at 4.9ghz, 1080TI. I am generally going for med FOV and Pitool at 1, steam SS at 75%. In game I am running SOL and Shaders, so that is a big performance hit but is essential for AC these days. I have a few things turned off in shaders such as the dynamic mirrors, deformable tires etc. I run 4xAA or 2X AA dependent on car and track combination and PP detail is low on all settings. Track detail max, shadows reasonably high, reflextions one face + second lowest detail in mirrors. Generally hovering between 70-90 depending on car and track, Smoothing is off as I don’t like reality bending around my mirrors and pillars. I actually find the Pimax pretty tolerable even when it sits at around 70FPS.


Thanks for that input. Yes, I find the drop in FPS on the Pimax quite tolerable compared to the Rift and Odyssey+

Agreed on the smoothing. It produces strange effects at the edges. Are you running “hidden mask” option? Have you tried to see if that impacts anything?

Also, what brightness setting in the PiTools are you using for best image quality?