ASUS GX701 Type C to DisplayPort with Pimax 5K?


Hello, I am soon going to be getting an ASUS GX701 laptop which is supposed to be the fastest and thinnest laptop in the world right now. My work involves a lot of travel and spending endless time in hotels and so I’m considering purchasing a Pimax to keep me entertained. A desktop is out of the question, so I appreciate I will have to make sacrifices. I am more for visual quality rather than high frames so can see myself surviving without a RTX2080 desktop.

I saw that the laptop has a USB-C connection described as "USB 3.1 GEN 2 TYPE-C WITH DISPLAYPORT 1.4 POWER DELIVERY "

Does this mean that I can just use a USB-C to DisplayPort adapter and get the bandwidth required for a Pimax 5K headset?



Hi Nadj,

Welcome to the pimax forums. In theory you should be good.

I am guessing the Asus GX701 your looking at is the one with the rtx2080?

You would need to verify the Usb-C DP is connected to the RTX2080 & not the Intel graphics. You may need to be able to disable the Intel graphics.

@SweViver might have some better insights.

Very nice laptop indeed.


Thanks Heliosurge,

A very good point indeed! I’ll enquire. I’ll PM the don too.


That would be the max q graphics card, I have the larger gx703 rtx2080 non max q with i9 9980hk, it has the actual 1.4 minidp port and runs Skyrim with mods at Max graphics. But being larger for better cooling and more power it requires 2 power bricks to run.

Does yours not have mini dp?

Like you I travel alot and stay in motels most of the year