Attention: Pimax Official Firmware - Manual Update Tool


Notes :

Hi guys,

In view of kinds of firmwares of Pimax 4K exist in our forum, which may misunderstand some new users, so I will continue to update our latest Firmwares in this post, please be advised :slight_smile:

Actually we recommend that update Firmware by Piplay itself which is easily and convenient. Same as below:

Notes: Please make sure that the serial number of your headset same as : 100XXXXXXXXXXXXX ↓
Tool’s link at:!YY5XCKQK!_4ejQUEPDTfICZrfSR2tJaT9n5bsUouDD7TTCmvYoXc

Or else, if the serial number is 102XXXXXXXXXXXXX ↓please use this tool, link at:!4JpBTCwC!u0nXY6dJGhFdHGmqmRCq0cwI7n--yOQ7N_T8jnPJaes

Anyway, you’d better not flash firmware manually if the helmet don’t have a serious issue :slight_smile:

Pimax Support

Edit: Some users gave us feedback of this tool could not be run normally because of PC lacks DUF driver, downloading link at:!BBRmmAjR!tWNGwSZDV-dK7EYLb4Rz-4nHwOPQzJsP-TT0Sxob7SY

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