Have had my 5K+ for a couple of weeks now and the audio is an issue. Crackling and pulsating almost like mic feedback. Funny thing is the MIC does not seem to work at all. (second issue). Tried multiple wired headsets and a myriad of software trial and error troubleshooting with no difference whatsoever. At first I thought it was not happening in every experience but on second sweep of testing I realize it is. I am beginning to lean toward a bad audio jack but I know this has been a common problem so I need to see if anyone has resolved this via a software solution.



  • check Windows Privacy settings
  • Check Steamvr Setting that Usb Mic set
  • check Windows sound settings that Usb mic is set.

Audio Jack quite possible. Mine I fpund after I tapped audio jack plug it seemed good.

@Dallas.Hao please add to earlybackers


Resolved… Bought a second USB powered hub and mic and audio both fixed.


Unsheilded usb or not enough power?

Glad it’s working good.


Power would be my guess