Auto-adjustement of myopia = -1.5 correction by default?


I am starting to believe that auto-adjustement of myopia (max -3.0) in Pimax 4K is that Pimax lenses have -1.5 correction by default :open_mouth: . I just tested some cheap reading glasses with +1.5 correction and they make wonders. Could this be the case? Or can someone explain the auto adjustement of myopia in Pimax?

I noticed this when I stacked my Pimax addon glasses (from planet-estelle) with reading glasses to test possible optical separation adjustement (idea from some old thread) and just adding reading glasses felt suprisingly natural for the eyes.

Could this also explain why people with long sightness are having even more issues with Pimax lenses?


Sounds quite possible. @LukeB & @Starraker did a fair amount of tinkering.

Hmm… I have so to speak normal vision so trying a set of reading glasses might be interesting to try & see if picture looks even clearer for me.


With the reading glasses I am using Pimax Sofware IPD very close to my real one.


Awesome to know.:beers::sunglasses::+1::sparkles: