Auto-on on Pimax 8K


Sometimes to test something… you must abuse it.

Don’t do that to animals or other people though… it’s just wrong.


I test loads of things upon new updates, and while we wait for new updates. Besides that I try to test as much games and stuff as possible. I find it interesting and fun. Its not always about in-depth testing either. Compatibility is very important, and the only way to find issues is to test as much software as possible. The Pimax team takes basically all issues found by us, in a serious way, whenever its about bigger glitches, performance issues or just game-specific bugs.

I gotta be honest I’ve never spend so much time in VR before as I’ve done the last 2 months. Making videos is fun, and I will continue doing them soon again, but the time spent doing videos (editing etc) takes away 90% of the time I could spend in VR. The problem of doing YouTube lol.


Well that’s great news.

Thanks Martin


Please do the drop test at the end of your testing, just prior to going green :slight_smile:

If it shatters like an iPhone then BOOO otherwise GREEN GREEN GREEN