Awesome! Dying light VR : How to play on pimax 8k, 5k, 4k without revive and steamvr



If so, change the properties of the file to read-only.


heres a thing do i have to have any other stuff like oculus bits ? cause it still dont come through my headset


I believe there was a post stating to install Oculus Home.


This game looks awesome but I get bad motion sickness unless I can use teleport :frowning:


Looks amazing yes, but not for the VR or zombie faint of heart !!


well nothing has worked for me think im going to refund it


Did you try to change the properties of the file to read only so that it can’t be changed back or overwritten by the system, as Park suggested?


yes ive done that it no longer changes OculusEnabled() or removes it ,when i try starting it and it fails ,once i have shut the game oculus is open in backround ? would it be that i got the enhanced edition insted of standard ?ive tryed the steam_appid.txt with both the one given and the one headed on enhanced edition page


ok got it working needed to put the video.scr file in game directory steam/steamapps/common/Dyinglight ,dont work when in user file
looks great on the 8k but omg not like this somthing is off makes it a dizfest
but go,s to show theres so many games that would benefit from vr


It lacks positional tracking and there is NO vertical lock on the mouse.

So it is very nausea inducing :frowning:


damd sham looks great


Yeah, you’ve got to have pretty strong VR tolerance to play it. I don’t have a problem with it but I can definitely see how a lot of people would. I play using a xbox game pad and unfortunately the view when looking around can easily get warped if you change your vertical looking position with the stick which is almost impossible not to do from time to time. Having a vertical lock would help immensely. That said, it is still a very engaging world to run through.


much better with the Xbox controller


Bearing in mind that scrolling horizontally is the most nausea inducing (for me in this game) I try to keep that in mind and slow down as much as possible when turning. Thereis a video lag or judder in DyingLightVR when scrolling horizontally I find that is nausea jinducing if done too quickly.


Played this in the past on my Vive and its a total puke fest and I have strongish VR legs. If you do not already own this game I would not pick it up for this.


i had refunded it in the past when i tryed it on my vive for the same reasons ,think i may give the pancake version a go


If i do it exactly how indicated, only steam vr home pops up an leaving the headset calibrated on the vr floor. Park said, it should run completely without steam (and vr) what am i doing wrong?


Are you launching from pitool? (Steamvr not running)


Yes I start the application from pitool in direct. I downloaded oculus home, thus I am not really knowing how to imply it into the starting procedure. I downgraded pitool now. It now launches the game in 2d on the Monitor. The headset stays in pi home. I think there must be something in pitool. I try to uninstall and reinstall different versions of it now.


Okay i got it to work. I think reinstall pitool and the new nvidia driver did the trick. Thank you very much @Heliosurge for the fast response and of course @park for sharing. This game looks awesome in vr!