Awesome POS released to soon



If your looking to purchase a headache then buy all means Pimax is the one for you. I find myself with my Oculus Rift on my head getting ready to play some games after I’m done typing. There is nothing plug and play about Pimax. You have to be a computer friggin programmer to enjoy this Awesome headache. I have spent nearly 24 hours opening and closing apps starting and restarting my computer and Steam VR to chase the dragon with regards to how great I got to play Dirt Rally two nights ago. Haven’t been able to play it that way since. Only will play through Steam in desktop mode.

If you like Project Cars then this is the headset for you. Looks and plays great. But that’s pretty much the only game that I could get working on a consistent basis. I’m pretty much at the end of my patience with this headset. I work to hard to have o come home and deal with a brain teaser each night. At least I know I can put on my Oculus and jump right in.

Craigslist meet 5k+. That’s the headline of my next post.

Or this POS. May just get covered in dust at the bottom of my closet until the Chinese can truly get their shit together. And make sure their products really work as they are supposed with regards to all the hype.

Duped again!


Wow… what’s the deal with blaming an entire ethnic group? Your “POS” started out as a Kickstarter campaign, so don’t whinge when you don’t get what you expect. Be grateful that you have received yours when many are still anxiously waiting for theirs.

There is a learning curve involved, sure, it’s the only product out there with 200 degree FOV when most are sporting only up to 110. So obviously it requires additional setup to get applications to render and compensate the wider FOV. Everyone who backed up this product knows this. You certainly are aware of this as well. So just because you couldn’t be arsed to do an extra bit of work doesn’t mean that the product is a “POS”.

STOP being entitled to everything in your life. Go out there and live like the rest of us.


He may not be a backer. But besides that I get frustrated as hell with my Pimax headsets but out of the 15 games or so that I have used them with they all work. Took a lot of BS’ing around to get a few of them dialed in but it was worth it.


Did you buy the Pimax 4K?


It is too bad you havr problems operating a computer. Might I suggest a Console? Sony has the Playstation VR & Nintendo Switch has VR coming to it.

Instead of coming across as a bigot because you are having trouble with an Enthusiast VR Headset. Why not ask for help?

I have ran most things out of the box with Minor Tweaking. If you had an Oculus in the early days you’d know how hellish it was.

Dirt Rally (steam) is a challenge to get running. I haven’t revisted it since trying to get it working through Revive on Pimax 4k despite others having an easy time getting it running on the same headset.

Now really you should choose your abreviations with more care. POS is commonly used for Point Of Sale.

I honestly thought this thread was going to be a P.I.T.A. Spam post.

Games with No Issues(seated)
The Solus Project
Starfighter CDF
House of the Rising Sun
Vector 36
Vox Machinae

Just name a small number. Now if your price is decent I might even be interested in Craigslist Ad.


I think he bought a computer thinking it would be pick up & play like a Nintendo. Wait till he discovers Windows compatible doesn’t mean it’s Win10 compatible. Lol


Ill bet he buys the stuff on the end caps at Walmart, #impulsepurchase


Wow some people troll these posts like Trump supporters.

I did fail to type company after Chinese, so I am now an entitled bigot? I do apologize to an entire culture, but the fact remains that it is a Chinese company. I just feel that they rushed to get it to market.

What I was trying to do was offer a little insite to my frustrations to anyone else out there who was thinking about purchasing a Pimax 8k or 5k+. As I am a VR enthusiast who missed the Kickstarter campaign but also jumped on it the day it was released to the public. I do own a Oculus Rift. Along with a PSVR as well as a Samsung Odyssey. I also can get around my Windows 10 OS very well thank you.

When I purchased the other three. It was nice to come home and with minimal effort get them all up and running smoothly shortly after unboxing.

The whole time I was waiting for my 5k+ Nowhere did I read that so much tweaking with each game would be so involved. I would have still purchased the product had the company been a little more transparent with regards to that issue. I stated in the title of my post that the product is Awesome. I still believe that. I just felt someone needed to enlighten others who might expect to order one of these HMDs exactly what is needed on their end.

As for being entitled. I work very hard and very long hours. Which I don’t mind as it is my own hardwood flooring company that I work for. No need to explain anymore than that.

P.S. Heliosurge. Im willing to bet you knew how POS was intended in my first post. Maybe if you spent a few more hours a week working as hard as I do, you could have purchased yours the day it was released to the public as well. It’s ok little buddy your Pimax will arrive in the mail someday. Just remember each time you troll somebody else gets their Pimax.

Good day all!


I said come accross. Never said you were one.

I actually work very hard myself & backed 2 full headsets & received them in Octocber. If you bought Oculus & even WMR on day one you would have had issues.

Most Games run at default settings. It has been well known about tweaking for best experience. For one I run 90% of Games at default Pitool settings & steam; while mainly adjusting in game quality settings. Any one whom has been following this project & is sn enthusiast knows tweaking is common.

In fact there are discussions anout getting the best out of setting with hardware.

As for your P.o.S. no with the spam accounts that come through at times. Like I said if you wanted help with setting you could have asked. Considering there are a ton of Chinese companies out there mentioning iy as a point is just poor form. Even Apple Iphone & Ipad are manufactured by A chinese company.

Like I said if your struggling as for help. Enthusiasts usually do that with new tech.


Please post the Craigslist link, I’m sure you will have a buyer pretty quickly