Backer 10xx, not on spreadsheet, confirmed my address in November



I’ve been extremely patient and understanding, but this has gone on too long.

I’m backer 10xx, I’m in Canada, and on November 27th pimax support emailed me to confirm my shipping address. Once they got my address they said that they would give me tracking shortly (oh and they had me down for the wrong package).

On January 10th after more than a month of silence I emailed to ask where my tracking number was. They replied
"Hi friend,

Sorry for the delay, we will ship your 5K+ headset in the next batch.
Please be patient."

Two weeks later on January 24th I emailed again asking for a tracking number. No reply.

Today I get an update on kickstarter saying that all confirmed addresses have shipped, and oh by the way we’re on holiday for the next. My backer number isn’t anywhere to be found in their spreadsheet.

I’ve lost all patience. I’m frustrated. And I don’t know what to do.


File a support ticket or if have post number @dallas.hao no other choice really unfortunately

If you haven’t filed a ticket include backer numver choice & address.


Just make sure you didn’t cancel you pledge and then start a new one. That was my error. Search your emails if you did as you might have the wrong number


Same here, but I’m from the UK.
I’m backer #1043 waiting for a tracking number on a loaner 8K headset.

EDIT: Ok, I can see that the headset is in the ‘building’ phase from the spreadsheet on here:

Is Pimax finding it very difficult to build the 8K headsets? Just judging by the volume that still need to be made.