Backer 46xx still no headset received



Hi Pimax,
Its been weeks that I have written to you that I still don’t have my headset.
What is going on???


Good luck getting a reply! I’ve been trying for 5/6 weeks!


Can you check what is going on with our headsets?
I even have a support ticket: SUP-60 Re: SUPEN-152


The same for me! When they reply something, then they only reply “As soon as possible”. Like it would be impossible, to plan, when they ship a package. Also about a tracking number, nothing else than “as soon as possible”. Since two weeks now, they ignore each message! It sounds hard, but I feel lied in a way! When you ask for getting back your money, this works very fast probably. But that’s not what we want, we want what we paid for! In my opinion, we have a right, to get some helpful answers for our questions and not only “wischi-waschi-answers” (we say in Germany), just to keep us silent!
But what can you expect, when a company lost personal data/information of hundreds of backer (They wrote me that!)! I think, they feel annoyed by angry backer and ignore them. I just still don’t know, how far this behavior will go, because I won’t sit on my butt and wait until summer. They can not expect that, when they don’t let us know anything helpful! This is not a serious behavior for a company which asks for a few hundred thousand dollars by crowdfunding, and in the end receives several millions!


they exhibit behavior of an ongoing bankruptcy