Backer 5889 checking in, with questions


Hi guys i’ve been lurking for quite a while and figured i’d finally say hi.

First off I wanted to thank everyone for all the 8k vs 5k+ comparisons, particularly @SweViver and @mixedrealityTV for all the detailed youtube coverage. This will be my first VR headset so i’ve learned a lot here.

So my questions…

As you can see by my backer number I’m going to be waiting a LONG time for my headset. I originally pledged for the “8k Full Package Ever”. As of right now I will be choosing the 5k+ when it comes time.

So i understand… I will be due:

1 5k+ headset
2 base stations
2 controllers (i chose trackpads)
1 voucher for $100 wireless module
1 additional face cushion
1 upgraded head strap w/ headphones
1 customized prescription VR frame + cooling fan
3 pieces of selected content
1 eye tracking module
1 $100 voucher for the 8k to 5k+ downgrade

Is all this correct?

And last, if you had to do a ballpark guess… when do you think all this stuff might be delivered? I will be building a VR specific machine when the time comes, so I’m thinking of grabbing a PSVR on black friday, as a holdover.



I am #1008. I have not been contacted yet.


I’d ballpark you at Feb delivery at this point. Plus side is, Intel’s 14nm production should be better then (TSMC fully ramped up to help them out) and IIRC we’re expecting Zen2 announcement from AMD in Jan. And a very slight chance of a 7nm AMD card for consumers (all signs point torward them focusing on enterprise and console components though).

I hear that the PSVR is decent. I personally got a Vive used on Ebay to tie me over. But I also made the mistake of building my VR setup before the m2 reviews were out, so I might not be the best example to follow…

Edit: Your list of stuff that is coming in the KS matches my understanding.


Okay great i’ll be patient then.

sucks to wait but there’s also the benefit of getting bugs ironed out. hopefully by then they’ll be shipping base stations and controllers since i have nothing rn.


hi, I am backer #721 haven’t got anything yet to!