Backer 72 8k day one review


It depends. I pretty much always wear them while driving.

To be fair I live in Florida - known as “The Sunshine State”. It definitely lives up to the name.


do you think you would have an issue with the brightness if you never tried a vr headset before?


I think it would be much less of a problem, I used my Vive two days ago and that sure is influencing my opinion, I think most people would find it OK or slightly dark, but in my case the difference was really obvious.


what brand do you use. Also is this safe for your eyes will are like 1/2 inch from the lenses?


I own a Vive and Rift, and the Vive has always been noticeably brighter than the Rift. But it never bother me, I kind of felt like the Vive was too bright. If you’re familiar with the rift, is it even darker than that?


No I tried Oculus briefly once a long time ago so I can’t really compare it sorry.


I’d say low brightness is mandatory to get acceptable black level on lcd.

As for fog, preheating is definitely what you want to prevent it (fog being due to moisture from hot air condensing at the contact of cold lenses).

I could see a pre-heat feature in pitool, which would make the hmd display a white image for a few minutes without needing to wear the hmd. That should be enough to pre-heat the lenses with the heat from the panels, avoiding fog when you put the hmd on your face (pre-heat length would preferably be configurable in minutes to be able to adapt to the user ambiant conditions of temperature and humidity).


I’m in the same boat, for that all my PC monitors and TV are set very dim (also because I most of the time used them in dark rooms).


Yeah Vive works very well for that, I never get fog on Vive and that’s because they are always slightly warm in the front, I really hope @PimaxVR @Pimax-Support @PM_Sean read this and add some sort of pre heating to avoid fogging just like Vive.


The rift cv1 keeps warm too as long as oculus software is open. I wonder is that was just intended to prevent fog issues.


I saw somebody comment how it never fogged for them and impressed by that… looks like your room has high humidity/temp levels and you should have invested in AC first!


How would you compare it to the Pimax 4K (if you have one)?


Pheeeuw, at least these are two issues which will not bug me. The fog thing can be easily resolved with a spray, as some have pointed out.

The brightness - here I get a free pass thanks to my individual constitution. For a while I used both Rift and Vive, and it never really struck me that the Vive is brighter (I accept that this is the case because it was measured and people posted substantial differences in lux values). I am also a bit sensitive to too bright light while I can see pretty well in the dark. Hence a less bright display will rather be pleasant for me, not annoying.

Hey, some other dude didn‘t notice the SDE in the og Vive, I don‘t notice the brightness differences - it must be a nightmare to try to please all customers if they are so different… :laughing:


Rain-X has a great anti fogging spray for ski goggles & such.


Yeah I have seen quite a few comments over the last couple of years that the vive was a bit too bright.


The low bightness is a feature, may I don’t need blue cut lenses anymore, lol.

pimax 4k has low bightness for me too, I have talk with the headset onwer that the cable is broken and effect to the headset?


Like many above, I have both Vive and Rift. Vive is noticeably brighter on A-B testing but play for more than a couple of mins and cant’ tell the difference.

Our neurological system is built to get used to it (I used to research this).

If you’re noticing it I’m guessing you play a lot with your Vive and also as you were aware of it were looking out for it. Give it a very short space of time without trying the Vive and you’ll be fine with it.

That’s why I’m not bothered because I haven’t used Vive for weeks.


I’ve only played for a couple hours on a friends vive like… 2 years ago :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
So should be quite happy with my 8k given @Skyrimer’s report. :smiley:
This was a great review. Thanks guys. =]


I use this area lamp (also called a torchiere) and it works great for a small room. The max brightness isn’t too high and it can be adjusted over a broad range of brightness levels (although the mechanism is little cluncky). It has worked fairly well for me and since it is an LED lamp it stays much cooler than a filament bulb (aka blast furnace).

With that, I am finished shilling.


IIRC people had complained about it being too bright and they reduced it.