Backer 72 8k day one review


would you say it looks like noise or is it more uniform?


Very definitely tons upon tons of uniform very tiny dots in a diagonal pattern. I have to now really look to see them. My eyes seem to adjust straight away (as soon as I put the headset on), resulting in me not noticing them.


You briefly mentioned screen persistence. I found this unbearable on the Pimax 4k. Is the screen persistence on the 8k anything like the 4k? I believe the 5k+ has no persistence, so your answer may help me decide which way to go.


@Sk1 If you used to research this stuff. what do you think of running the HMD in monoscopic mode?

It seems to me that our visual system could rely on our other depth cues, and we would get a huge performance boost. Based on what we know of pricing now, anything that can be done to boost performance should be done.

$1200+ is what it would cost me just to get the 5K+ HMD and a 1080 TI. My rift, touch, and whole PC didn’t even cost that much.

If we can help get hardware requirements down, its the least that can be done.


what would also help is for pimax to deliver on their promise of brainwarp.

I was playing project cars at 45fps and i had the frame counter on. it would occasionaly jump to 90fps. but I honestly couldnt tell the difference.
in other words. with asw on 45 is just as good as 90.


No pixel persistencia problems at all to me, I don’t even know what to look for since everything stays always in place no matter how fast I move the headset, and believe I’ve tried several times to see it, and AFAIK not a single 8k backer that has received the 8k has noticed it either.


@Skyrimer thanks for your answer. I’m feeling more confident about sticking with the 8k.


Hi mate, I hear what you’re saying.

But if by monoscopic mode you mean the same image in each eye then in my opinion that would devastate the VR experience as you’d lose the 3D depth of the virtual world and whilst there may be some clever software tricks to sharpen closer images and blur more distant images in my opinion it would totally fail to give the same experience.

Having said that in real life we only have stereoscopic overlap for a certain central portion of our FOV, so we could get away with monoscopic images to the peripheral regions. As I type this I’m thinking this is a good idea which someone down the line can look into i.e. if you were to show full stereoscopic images to the area that has stereo overlap but then just double up the same monoscopic image to both eyes for the peripheral FOV you’d save a whole load of rendering power. I don’t know how that would work though with the merging0 from monoscopic to stereoscopic image as one eye would be fine but the other would be a little bit off at that junction, but I’m sure it can be solved. But take note @anyone_who_wants_to_develop_a_new_headset :slight_smile:


If you have a headset you should check out the pics he posted with an article on it. Quite interesting.


I’m all for more options


You could try pinball fx2 or eleven table tennis, with too high persistence the fast moving balls would leave ghost trails behind their moves.


I would love to know how clear the image is on Pinball fx2 . The game is great but on my Rift it is just too damn blurry.


I’ll try to check it out later :wink:


Ok so i tried it today and it looks fine, but not specially crisp, the scenery with the knight or the sharks look great but the tables look good but not as clear, still pretty good imho, also the tables suck a lot of performance, when I look at them there’s some stutter, luckily you don’t have to move your head to much while playing pinball.


@MicroM, cost of oculus go is $200, its color & brightness is better than 5k+. oled headset rift is selling @ $399 with contollers, pimax just by replacing panel with oled says business edition and selling @ $999 that too without contollers.that is just looting in the name of FOV. dont compare it to star.