Backer 72, just received my 8k


Just received my 8k here it Spain, let’s pray to Holy Palmer, Saint Gabe and all Pimax demigods that everything goes well, wish me luck.


Congrats !

Go on though :smiley:


It’s been 2 minutes. Where’s our updates??? Detailed review???

What do we even pay you for???


Enhorabuena a disfrutarlas


Enhorabuena :slight_smile:

Y antes de conectarlo al PC, revisa el cable que va a las Pimax, que en mi caso llegó “flojo” y no hacía conexión (como a todos los otros al parecer :sweat_smile:)



Suerte tío! Espero que tengas preparada la 2080ti y el 9900K con 20 ventiladores a full xD
Y me uno a @Serinity: 7 minutes already, where is my review!
@er_garry easy solution:


@er_garry Te esperamos en el telegram español de pimax :wink:


No hizo falta, simplemente apretando un poco ya se conectó y quedó bien fijo :wink:

Una pena que hasta la tarde/noche no los pueda probar :disappointed:

Aunque al menos ya dejé todo instalado para que sea “Plug & Play” :grin:


Yo aún estoy en la fase de “dejar todo instalado para que sea Plug & Play”, tengo muchos frentes abiertos ahora mismo en el sótano de jugar (bartops, virtual pinball, cockpit) xD Un día tenemos que abrir un hilo aquí con fotos de nuestros cavernas de juego con las Pimax.

I’m still in the phase of “leave everything installed to be plug and play”, I have many open issues right now in my play room (bartops, virtual pinball, cockpit).
One day we have to open a thread here with pictures of our play caves with the Pimax in it.


First problem, it appears that there’s something between the lens and the screen (hopefully it’s that), see the black dot on the far right of the lens, sorry but I couldn’t get a better picture, and it’s huge inside vr


Y’all speaking Spanish, don’t worry I can too.

Hola, soy Dora. Ànd eim böots.


You’ve turn it on to a game or home screen and it is in your vision?


It looks like a physical object through the lenses, like a piece of foam or cloth.


I hope it can be easily removed and not something that requires expert disassembly. Looks like QA needs to check the image against a pure white background to eliminate these from happening in the future. Please keep us updated on how you solved…


A better screenshot, @Pimax-Support @Sean.Huang @xunshu any help with this?


Sweviver showed how to remove the lenses with a succion cup, maybe you could try this ?


That sounds promising…we may all need to do this after periods of time if any dust gets between. Get your microfiber cleaning cloths ready…don’t use anything else on lenses…I also clean my rift lenses from time to time (but only on the outside)


you can remove the lense easily with a suction cup
(its designed to come out)

and hopefully take that out.


It’s very easy to remove the lenses, you can pop them out, use a suction cup indeed. And there’s a protective layer between lenses and panels, so if the dirt is on the right side of that layer, it’s going to be very easy to fix it.


This is bad news. Backer 72 and there is already one headset with a problem which slipped through QA. :worried: :worried: :worried:

I hope it can be easily fixed. But smth like that should be noticed in QA!