Backer 72, just received my 8k


Well you guys knew from the start that this is Pimax and that their QA is not comparable to high end brands. So as long as stuff is easy to fix, just DIY. It’s damn simple to pop out the lens and remove the dirt.


We’re the very first few out of the door, so its going to be a bumpy ride for all involved. Especially when they don’t have warehouse stock yet for quick replacements. Pimax will be at least be able to improve their QA based on situations like this.

Looking at that pic however the fact the foreign object looks so clear it does look to be just under the lens so should be easily fixed by the user in this case (with suction cup).


Well keep in mind that their QA always has been like this, since the Pimax 4k people have been receiving HMD’s with dirt/hair under the lenses on a quite regular basis. But it’s ok when you can simply fix things yourself (it was much more difficult on the pimax 4k where you had to disassemble the whole HMD)


I don’t know them from previous experience, but anticipated as much. However they are going to be a lot more popular this time around so hopefully they will grow with that experience!


Well I gave up that hope quite some time ago. This company doesn’t learn much from its errors and usually just repeats them. But that’s what it is. Again, as long as one can fix their own HMD easily it’s not too bad.