Backer number on top of the HMD


What would you guys think about a small plate with the backer number on top of the HMD ? It would make each 8K unique and would also give the HMD’s some more value if anyone ever wanted to resale them :blush:



Additional time and cost to the production process? Do I seem unreasonable in saying no?


no i dont think you are being unreasonable. the ops idea is nice but i dont thin necessary at all. i dont think anyone is going to pay extra for a second hand numbered hmd


I don’t really need it either. Just had the idea while on my way home. Thought it would be a neat thing to always see the number and it would also make the KS versions a little bit more special.


I think its cool to make the KS units unique in some way, but think engraving a backer number would be too inefficient for production.

Maybe if they just engraved “Special Kickstarter Edition” into each of them.
That would still make them unique from other units and it shouldnt take extra time to produce because it would be a part of the mold.


Given my backer number is 67xx , I not sure how special it would make me feel. Having a 200fov hmd before the masses can buy them. That will be special.


How about a toothpick flag that pops up resembling your nationality… In all serious, just hope for the HMD before Christmas and if you have anymore ideas tell your dog


Nice reply thanks…


Well it could be done in a myriad of ways.

Sure some jeweller could hand etch the backer number and their names into the HMD.
Spending hours getting the calligraphy “just right”.

Or it could be something as simple as a piece of metal sheet stamped with a number and glued to the top.

Heck it could be part if the serial number even.


Ill just use a dremel and carve my number on the lenses… that should be okay i think.
Seriously though. I personally do not have any interest in a number on there. years from now when I sell it I do not think it would add any value to it.


Unless the number is 69, 666, or 420 :yum:


Hi I really like the idea personally.