Backer Upgrade Plan F has shipping cost added to it

I agree, and do not understand what it takes to answer.


Okay, what the hell. It’s showing me that the shipping cost is 284$… @Matthew.Xu

I’ve been told the shipping cost paid during Kickstarter isn’t enough to cover the cost of this because instead of
Pimax china> backers
Valve China> Pimax USA (for testing, reducing the risk of us getting faulty units)> backers

Told by whom? charcharcharchar

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Not sure how to interpret Matthews comment though.

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I was interested in particular who said that the parts are shipped from China to US and then to backers, and if it was someone from Pimax. I did not quote the whole reply since it would get eliminated, but the point was this.


Fair enough. Well, I can confirm for 90% certainty that that was indeed said, probably by Matthew.
If you demand proofs, I can try to find the post.

Okay I found this Plan F Upgrade Price?

Though it doesn’t say anything about China. I might be wrong.


I do not demand a proof. I was hoping that it was probably someone not from Pimax. Imagine you order from Amazon and they will tell you that while they ship from the local warehouse they had to source the product from some exotic country and therefore you should pay the whole trip.

In plan F there is even an explicit “fee” charged by Pimax, so this “we need to ship it around the world and you should pay for it because it costs us” starts sounding more and more absurd.


Dates are correct as of 5th December 9AM AEDT


Well I guess Pimax has changed their mind .

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@Matthew.Xu @PimaxUSA
Why on earth does Pimax need to ship to the US and then out to the rest of the world?
Why should backers have to “make up the difference” read “pay for Pimax’s mistakes?”

So much for “best solutions” :roll_eyes::

And as for all this about checking Valve products for defects prior to distribution; How about Pimax instead works to resolve its defective logistics strategies which have been hurting their customer/backer relationship for years.

Hmm I just paid $30 for shipping on Plan F? What do you say about that Mr. Xu?

I think you may not have a expanded the image to read the entire screenshot… the answer, albeit an unsatisfying one, is in there.

Open the full image, it’s quite long, my bad

I’m sorry, this is a bug, the shipping certainly won’t be so high. We’ve fixed it.

Valve’s factory is in China, so it has to be shipped from China to the United States first.
Why does it need to be shipped to the United States for delivery? because it involves business terms, I’m sorry I can’t explain it.
Thank you.

This is my previous misunderstanding, which I have explained in other posts.
I’m sorry for the inconvenience.

In fact, the current shipping has completely exceeded the shipping originally paid.
We also don’t want you to pay the shipping again, but the shipping cost is too high. We can’t afford it all.
Therefore, depending on the country and region, you need to make up the freight of $29, $35 and $39.
As the difference in shipping.
Thank you for your understanding and support.

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It is what it is, guys. Sure they screwed us around but it was due to circumstances they couldn’t see until it was too late. “Stuff” happens, let’s find a happy medium (a compromise that Matthew just stated) and be happy with what we get. We got a top of the line, best on the market headset, fully kitted with basestations and controllers for under $1000, let’s be grateful for once


Okay, good to know.