Backers Decision 5k+ or 8k



Please post links in this Closed Topic to Backers whom have chosen which headset to Recieve.

As you make your choices please add @Community so we can link your post here. If you can post your reason for your choice.




@VoodooDE Decision 8k
(Tester, Berlin Meetup)

Anyone sticking with the 8k?


@TheSwanCollective Decision. 8k
(Berlin Meetup)


@Ludx Decision 8k


@UnholyBeardedOne Decision 8k


@Raujok Decision 5k+ Loaner
(Berlin Meetup, 8k-X)


@Yata_PL Decision 5k+ (Orig 8k)
(Berlin Meetup)


@Hessfire Decision 5k+ (Orig 8k)


@headcool Decision 8k


@mmorselli Decision 8k


Hi @Heliosurge, really thanks for your help. We will get in touch with the backers before shipping their packages. Do not worry and have a nice day!


@CMM Decision 8k (20 chars)


@DaveBoulden Decision 8k


@Pappytater Decision 5k+ (Orig 8k)


The current, somewhat surprising, tally is: 4x 5K+ vs 8x 8K


In truth we should re-Audit 5k+ choosers & update whether they hasmd originally pledged for 5k or 8k